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Wallpapers of the Month – Space

For this month’s backgrounds & wallpapers I hopped into my archives to find some old gems. I’m definitely not an expert in astrophotography, nor do I have all the proper gear for the best results, but I’ve been to a few remote places over the years that have provided really really dark skies. The photo […]

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GoPro Photo Shooting Tips

Subject: How to get the Perfect GoPro Photo Filmers: Abe Kislevitz Location: Mammoth, CA Getting a good action photo has never been easier.  You’re guaranteed to capture any moment with an epic photo if you’ve got the right tools and remember a few key points. When I’m taking ski photos I like to use the […]

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The GoPro Film Pole

Subject: DIY Official Abe Kislevitz GoPro Pole Filmers: Abe Kislevitz Location: Mammoth, CA Having a good pole for GoPro follow-cam filming while skiing/snowboarding is absolutely imperative in my eyes. No matter how steady you think your hands are, handholding a GoPro will never yield good stable shots. Also, the name of the game for dynamic […]

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Insider’s Guide to GoPro HERO3+

Looking for a guide for a different GoPro? Check out all of my complete guides here: HERO8 Black HERO7 Black HERO6 Black HERO5 Black HERO4 Black HERO4 Session HERO3+ Black HERO3 Black Updated May 18, 2020 The GoPro HERO3+ is a solid improvement over an otherwise stunning product – the HERO3.  When the HERO3 was […]

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‘Love Me Crazy’ by Christine Donaldson

Subject: Christine Donaldson Filmers: Abe Kislevitz Location: San Francisco, CA Music: Christine Donaldson – “Love Me Crazy” In January Christine got together with her music buddies in LA and recorded 3 new songs to be released this winter/spring.  She’s really excited about these new ones because they really capture her musical style and taste more […]

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Understanding your GoPro Part 2

Stemming from the amount of interest on my first post – Understanding your New GoPro – I decided to dive a little deeper into some of the other aspects of the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. There’s a lot of little things that are a bit harder to really know what’s going on inside that little […]

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