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Proxy Editing Workflow

Updated September 27, 2022: Added Proxy Ingest Presets for HERO11 + 8×7 aspect ratio Download Proxy Ingest Presets: Download the .zip file and unzip it to your computer. In Premiere Pro after you’ve selected “Proxy > Create Proxies…” , click “Add Ingest Preset…” and locate the Ingest Preset folder from the zip file. Add the […]

GoPro Night Lapse Tutorial

I give you the basic run-through of how to capture stars with your GoPro HERO10 or HERO9/ HERO8. These settings also apply to HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, and HERO4 – you just will have to manually compile the photos instead of the camera creating the video for you! If you want to capture cityscapes or full-moon […]

Best Export Settings for Instagram

Every time I upload an Instagram video I get a ton of messages asking how my GoPro footage looks so good on IG. I made this tutorial to help all of those asking! I run through the basics of how to enable high quality video uploads on Instagram, then give you some compression theory, and […]

Add Cinematic Motion in Post

This is part 2 of my GoPro Lens Correction tutorial – this time we’re adding animation to your static timelapses, night lapses, and video! You can add a whole lot of life to otherwise static shots using FX Reframe in Premiere or After Effects! Download GoPro FX Reframe: If this was helpful, and you’d […]

Easy GoPro Lens Correction in Post

We’re getting deep with lens correction how-to for GoPro footage, and how to make the most of your GoPro content! Download GoPro FX Reframe: If this was helpful, and you’d like to let me know, feel free to send me a tip ✌🏻 

How To Fix Lowlight HyperSmooth on your GoPro

EDIT: Updated 12/20/2023 with updated QR codes & information due to newer Labs features available A downside of digital stabilization is that it’s inherently bad at night or in lowlight situations. If you’ve used HERO8 or HERO9 indoors or in the woods, you’ve most likely wondered why your footage has sporadic and jittery ghosting. It’s […]