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HERO9 vs HERO1 Full Comparison – How Far We’ve Come

HERO1 vs HERO9 thumbnail

It’s been 11 years since the original GoPro HD HERO launched (October 2009). I used this camera religiously when it first came out on the USC Ski & Snowboard team for the early days of my YouTube channel. I first shot with this camera before it released when I filmed and edited the Original HD […]

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Beginner vs Pro | HERO9 vs HD HERO [AK Vlog #03]

two Skiers on a mountain

I wanted to see what filming with the HD HERO was like 12 years after it originally came out, so I decided to challenge Zadia to an edit competition!

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How To Fix Lowlight HyperSmooth on your GoPro

A downside of digital stabilization is that it’s inherently bad at night or in lowlight situations. If you’ve used HERO8 or HERO9 indoors or in the woods, you’ve most likely wondered why your footage has sporadic and jittery ghosting. It’s quite obvious once you know what’s happening behind the scenes, but rather difficult to explain […]

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Daydreams Photo Diary with Wallpapers

My latest video, Daydreams, documents a journey and camping adventure with some of my closest friends. In addition to the 23 hours of total video shot throughout the trip, I also have over 15,000 photos from the 5 day adventure. Below are some of my favorite behind the scenes shots, as well as a plethora […]

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Daydreams – A Cinematic Roadtrip Adventure Video

It’s been about 8 weeks since I started self isolating after my February visit to Japan. I decided to take the time that’s been thrown in my face to go back to how I started making videos – experimenting, playing in After Effects, and trying different things until something feels right. With so much going […]

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Insider’s Guide to GoPro HERO8 Black

Looking for a guide for a different GoPro? Check out all of my complete guides here: HERO8 Black HERO7 Black HERO6 Black HERO5 Black HERO4 Black HERO4 Session HERO3+ Black HERO3 Black Updated May 18, 2020 Ah, the HERO8 Black. First do me a favor and watch the product video or “HERO8 Feature Thrill” as […]

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