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How Will You GoPro?

GoPro: How Will You GoPro? Win A Dream Adventure Contribution: Editing, Graphics, Color Grading Editing This video was released to act as an intro to the “How Will You GoPro” contest that came out after we launched our HERO3+ Launch video. It needed to sum up a myriad of global adventures in 30 seconds (and […]

HERO3+ Launch Video

GoPro: HERO3+ Black Edition: Smaller, lighter, mightier still Contribution: Directing, filming, co-editing, vfx, color grading Directing This video was obviously made from a culmination of great talents and productions. I was personally responsible for leading the urban mountain bike shoot in Valparaiso as well as the Chilean snow shoot with Travis Rice & John Jackson. […]

GoPro App Launch Video

GoPro App: Control. View. Share. Contribution: Title Graphics Graphics This video was edited by Ryan Truettner, I was responsible for the graphical elements. Since this is a product launch video, communication on function was key to marketing. I came up with the concept to show the girls taking photos throughout the day with the graphical […]

Ryan Sheckler TV Commercial

GoPro: Ryan Sheckler in New York City – TV Commercial Contribution: Editing, VFX Editing This full video was originally created for our WiFi launch back in 2012, but we revisited this content as a commercial contender in 2013. I basically roughed some scenes from our WiFi launch together and our CEO liked it as a […]

DeepFlight Submersible

GoPro: DeepFlight Submersible – Searching for Whale Song Contribution: Color grading Color Grading This piece was a little difficult to grade as it was underwater at a bunch of different depths. There’s not a whole lot of color information down there being picked up by the camera other than various shades of blue. I did […]

Leticia Bufoni – Brazilian Gold

GoPro: Leticia Bufoni – Brazilian Gold Contribution: Directing, Filming Directing This was a fun piece to help out on. Yara Khakbaz (the producer of this project) and I went down to Brazil for a few days and hung with Leticia the whole time. She was an awesome person to work with and took us around […]