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Title Graphics


This video was edited by Ryan Truettner, I was responsible for the graphical elements. Since this is a product launch video, communication on function was key to marketing. I came up with the concept to show the girls taking photos throughout the day with the graphical elements I added in the video. At the end, Bradford Schmidt, our creative director, had the idea of the photo going into the social cloud somehow. Our CEO Nick Woodman actually came up with the very ending thought where it would zoom out from the photo and you’d see two little ‘surfer groms’ looking at the photo in a school yard. For the ending bit I recreated all of the social media sites in high resolution in Photoshop and had a bit of fun adding comments and profiles from everyone at GoPro. I added some effects to make it look like it was on a digital LCD screen and worked hard in creating smooth camera pans in 3D space. Lastly, I created the GoPro App bumper integration with our normal GoPro camera bumper. All of the assets were provided by our creative team, I just put them together on the screen and animated it with our bumper.


There were a few bits in this video where we needed to add custom content to the iPhone screen. There wasn’t any green screen on the phones so I used Mocha AE to track the phone surface and added in the content in After Effects. Ryan Truettner assisted in some of the phone tracking. There’s also one shot in the video where I needed Alana separated from the foreground to do a 3D camera move, so I cut her out and redrew her figure and the background with Photoshop.


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  • Jul 30, 2013