GoPro: Ryan Sheckler in New York City – TV Commercial


Editing, VFX


This full video was originally created for our WiFi launch back in 2012, but we revisited this content as a commercial contender in 2013. I basically roughed some scenes from our WiFi launch together and our CEO liked it as a commercial. I went in and cleaned it up and found the Flume track that currently resides on it. I felt like it was a classy song that doesn’t exclude a whole lot of musical genres. The piece itself does a good job of telling the story of two friends out on a skate film mission. I thought it could reach the skate market by showing that it was just two friends out on the streets having a good time with the camera – but that it was also with our marquee skate athlete, Ryan Sheckler.


There are a couple slow motion shots in this video that required the use of Twixtor (motion interpolation software). Typically Twixtor will have artifacts surrounding the objects if it’s not on a clean background. I took the video into After Effects and cleaned up all of the edges frame by frame. I repainted the backgrounds so there wasn’t any warping or artifacting.


  • Editing
  • VFX


  • Jul 24, 2013