GoPro: Leticia Bufoni – Brazilian Gold


Directing, Filming


This was a fun piece to help out on. Yara Khakbaz (the producer of this project) and I went down to Brazil for a few days and hung with Leticia the whole time. She was an awesome person to work with and took us around to all her favorite spots in São Paulo. The mission was to get a background on Leticia before the X Games came to Brazil where she would most likely win.


As for filming this piece, it was basically a one man show with the cooperation with Leticia. I traveled everywhere with a backpack full of cameras and mounts. I usually had a Norbert setup with a camera, LCD, and mic to pickup all of her natural interactions with the environment. At each major stop I’d setup a handheld camera for Leticia to take around and make it as if she was the one doing all of the filming/touring. In the end we came out with a lot of rad Brazil interactions and great moments.


  • Directing
  • Filming


  • May 15, 2013