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GoPro: Our Story

GoPro: Our Story Contribution: Editing I did very little editing on this project as I was solely dedicated to the long list of graphics that needed to be put together. Ryan Truettner and Sean Shafer took lead on editing under the direction of Christopher Neil, the project’s director. Towards the end of the project I […]

Congratulations GoPro Athletes

GoPro: Congratulations GoPro Atheletes Contribution: Title Graphics Graphics Trenton Pasic was on this edit. I worked with him to get some stylized pieces that gave some insight into what athletes participated in the Olympics and won medals. It’s a tricky thing with the Olympics and being a commercial entity that doesn’t sponsor it. We couldn’t […]

Red Bull Stratos Superbowl Commercial

GoPro: Red Bull Stratos – Super Bowl Commercial 2014 Contribution: Finishing & Final Color Grading for TV Color Grading Recently we moved all TV color grading in-house with the addition of some new equipment in our edit suite. I used to be responsible for overseeing the color grading with our colorist in LA. I’ve taken […]

Shaun White TV Commercial

GoPro: Shaun White TV Commercial Contribution: Color grading for TV and final graphic work Graphics This original commercial cut was created by Zak Shelhamer and preliminary graphics by Davis Paul. When we were told it was going to TV I went in with Davis and revisited the intro graphics. I wanted to make it a […]

Let Me Take You to the Mountain

GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain Contribution: Directing, Filming, Co-Editing, Graphics, Color Grading Directing This was the 2nd of two shoots that we knocked out down in Chile for the HERO3+ video. The first was mountain biking in Valparaiso. I was lead on the two Chile shoots and had the help of Trenton […]

Combing Valparaiso’s Hills

GoPro: Combing Valparaiso’s Hills Contribution: Directing, Filming, Graphics, Color Grading Directing This was the 1st of two shoots that we filmed down in Chile for the HERO3+ video. The second was skiing/boarding in the Andes. I was lead on the two Chile shoots and had the help of Gabriel Noguez, Kyle Camerer, and Caleb Farro […]