GoPro: Our Story



I did very little editing on this project as I was solely dedicated to the long list of graphics that needed to be put together. Ryan Truettner and Sean Shafer took lead on editing under the direction of Christopher Neil, the project’s director. Towards the end of the project I did some assisting in sourcing and placing GoPro footage.


I was responsible for putting together any of the graphics that needed to be in the video. I came up with the look of the graphic elements with the guidance of Christopher Neil, our director for the project. I put together the titles, lower 3rds, chapter tabs, graphs, maps, stats, YouTube screens, screen recordings, etc. Also, not shown in this video is a 10 minute chapter that was all of the company financials. This video was used for the GoPro Roadshow before the IPO so financial data representation was one of the most important aspects of the video. It was definitely the most involved After Effects project I’ve ever put together. Below are a few of the graphics I put together.


Color Grading

Ryan Truettner and I shared the responsibilities of color grading using Davinci Resolve. I mostly went through and colored the GoPro footage and set looks for each of the interview scenes for Ryan to match across the length of the video – not an easy task!


  • Color Grading
  • Editing
  • Graphics


  • Jun 27, 2014