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Easy GoPro Lens Correction in Post

We’re getting deep with lens correction how-to for GoPro footage, and how to make the most of your GoPro content! Download GoPro FX Reframe: https://community.gopro.com/t5/en/GoPro-FX-Reframe/ta-p/412890 If this was helpful, and you’d like to let me know, feel free to send me a tip ✌🏻 

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GoPro Tutorial – Fisheye Removal & Polishing Techniques

This is an inside look at my personal tips and tricks to add polish to your GoPro drone, gimbal, and other clips by removing the fisheye and adding cinematic moves. In this tutorial I walk you through Premiere and After Effects step-by-step to make the most out of your footage. This tutorial is relatively advanced, […]

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