Understanding your GoPro Part 2

Stemming from the amount of interest on my first post – Understanding your New GoPro – I decided to dive a little deeper into some of the other aspects of the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. There’s a lot of little things that are a bit harder to really know what’s going on inside that little box of ours.

I’ll dive right in.

Battery Life

As you’ve probably noticed – this is one of the weakest areas of the HERO3.  It’s due to the intense processing power required to run all those high resolutions and frame rates while the battery capacity actually decreased from the HERO2.  The camera is tiny so there’s minimal room for more battery power.  Also now we’ve got WiFi built in whereas the HERO2 WiFi bacpac had its own battery source.  I’ll share some of my battery life experiences with different modes & explain what we can do to help maximize GoPro life! Apart from the HERO2, this time around the engineers added in a really cool feature that is the Stand-by mode!


Stand-by Mode 

Battery Life in Stand-by Mode = 6 Hours

Stand-by mode kicks in after the camera has been idle in any state (except recording) after 5 minutes.  Once it’s in stand-by mode you won’t see anything different on the screen; however, if you press a button to record you’ll notice there’s about a 1 second delay between pressing the button and the camera responding (careful if you’re in photo mode and you’re waiting more than 5 minutes to capture a moment!).  If you’ve ever wondered why there’s been a delay – that’s why!  Stand-by mode is amazing for when the camera is accidentally turned on in your pocket or you forget to turn it off on your head when you’re not filming.  I did some recording tests and my camera ran on stand-by mode (waiting to film) for 6 hours before dying.  Most of the time I won’t worry too much about shutting my camera off to save battery because I know the camera will go saving itself in stand-by.  Careful though, those 5 minute periods of running full power will add up – maybe in the future they could add a stand-by mode time setting where you could select 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, never, etc. Also, an important note – if you’ve got wifi on, stand-by mode will not initiate – the camera requires a certain amount of amps to keep the wifi going.


Battery Life w/ WiFi On (APP) = 15-20% Reduction in Battery Life
Battery Life w/ WiFi On (Remote Connected) = 10% Reduction in Battery Life

Let’s start with wifi ON for the app.  This is where the camera is essentially creating its own wireless network and broadcasting it out just like your home wireless router for internet. In my tests in various modes I was seeing a 15-20% loss in battery life  while recording and simultaneously broadcasting the app wifi (compared against the same recording mode with wifi OFF). The difference was negligible whether the phone was actually connected to the camera or not – the camera is still having to broadcast the wifi network.  I tested it while also simultaneously streaming a live-preview the whole time and surprisingly the battery was still seeing only a 10% loss in overall battery life compared to the control (without wifi).  It gets tricky though because the live-preview shut off after the battery had been about 60% depleted.  Not sure where that is programmed in or perhaps it was a bug. I do recall hearing something about the LCD bacpac shutting off when the battery gets low (25% or lower); so perhaps wifi streaming has something similar.

Next is the Remote.  To my understanding the wifi protocols are slightly different here vs the App setting.  I was seeing only a 10% reduction in battery life while the remote wifi setting was on and connected the whole time.  The camera was set to record the whole time as well.

Should you Turn Off Wifi?
With all that being said – should you worry about the little blue light blinking when you aren’t using the WiFi? If you’re filming at 1080-30 without ProTune you’ll probably get around 95 minutes of record-time – with that blue light blinking, indicating wifi is on, you should expect around 75-80 minutes of record time.  If you’re not recording for tons of time I wouldn’t worry about it, but if you’re trying to maximize time let’s make sure the wifi is turned off.  This is easily accomplished by holding down the wifi button on the side until the blue light blinks 7 times.

Other Settings

As you can see in the list of battery life, frame rate has a large effect on battery life.  I haven’t done a comprehensive test but you’ll definitely get longer life out of lower frame-rates.  This may be counteracted by higher resolutions as well.  I also tried a few tests with all the blinking lights off.  For lights off the battery life change was negligible.  I heard it would improve by about 5% but my tests showed nothing

Photo Settings

For best results always keep it on 12MP Wide

I forgot to mention photo settings in my previous post.  It’s pretty simple.  The 12 MP Wide setting is using nearly the full sensor & it doesn’t scale so you’re getting a full 4000 x 3000 px photo out.   Remember the explanation about cropping the sensor for medium & narrow FOVs in video mode? Photo mode has the same deal for the 7MP & 5MP Medium modes; however it’s slightly different from video.  In video the final output was tiny compared to the full sensor (1080P vs 4K) so you could choose medium mode and you were actually gaining something by shooting in this mode – a new FOV at the same high 1080P resolution.  In photo our final output is the full 4000 x 3000 px so when you’re doing a medium mode it’s just cropping the edges off of that 12MP photo and calling it a 7MP medium FOV photo! What this means is you can shoot in 12 MP Wide and crop that photo to look identical to the 7MP medium mode (IE no reason to switch out of 12MP wide ever!).  Furthermore, 7MP wide is simply the 12MP photo scaled down, which we don’t like.  5MP medium is just 7MP medium scaled down.


When you do want to think about using these additional modes is when you’re looking to get more photos on your SD card – photos take up space, so the lower sized modes will take up less of it!

Video & Photo Simultaneously

There are  two ways to capture photos at the same time as video – Simultaneous Video & Photo mode in the menu as well as a Power/Mode button press during recording. The size and quality of the photos are slightly unique in the photo/video at the same time modes.  The aspect ratio of the photo will end up matching whatever film mode you’re in – so if you’re taking 1080P video, the photo dimensions will be the same as 4K video (8MP) and 16 x 9.  This is the same thing that Canon cameras do when you’re recording video and snap a photo during the process. The quality will look more like a high res screen grab than a photo.  The processing & settings for regular photo modes are different than video; however, these photos will have the ‘video’ processing attributes.  They may look a bit softer and have more grain & compression artifacts than a standard photo.

Simultaneous Video & Photo
This basically will save a photo every 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds during video recording. You’re pretty limited to which modes will work for this one: Non Protune, 1080P up to 30FPS, 720P up to 60FPS, and 1440P up to 24FPS.

Power/Mode Button Press during Recording
I just found out about this setting – if you’re in one of the simultaneous ‘approved’ modes, if you press the power/mode button it’ll save a 4K photo at that moment.

Taking Vertical Photos

I’m a huge proponent of taking vertical photos with the GoPro.  This is more of something you just consciously have to think about when taking photos out in the wild.  Turn the camera sideways (go ahead, I dare you!) and snap some shots of yourself or your friends.  The results are rad and you’ll catch more of the action.  Rotate it in post on the computer.  * Tip * Aim the center of the camera at your waist if you’re doing selfies – the wide angle lens will capture your feet and head with plenty of space.  Here are some examples of mine!

Loop Recording

Loop recording is a new feature and is kind of mysterious at a first glance.  Applications? You could use this as a car dash cam like all the people in Russia seem to have.  Get a car USB adapter and keep the camera plugged in at all times.  If you set it for, say, 20 minutes you’ll always be able to stop the camera and have at least the previous 20 minutes recorded.  This way if on hour 16 of your road trip you see a meteor exploding, you can stop the camera and have 20 minutes leading up to the meteor explosion.  Pretty cool.  The way it works is by actually splitting the 20 minute duration by 4, and keeps 5 sets of these clips on the SD card at any given time. 4 of the 5 clips are 5 minutes in length (20/4) which equals the full 20 minutes, the 5th is the current one recording (until it hits 5 minutes).  So if you stop after 44 minutes you’ll have 4 clips each 5 minutes long and one clip 4 minutes long.  This is why I say you’ll always have at least 20 minutes (or whatever duration you set).


PAL & NTSC Video Looks the Same (except for frame rate)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the differences between PAL & NTSC.  In general you can assume PAL will look identical to NTSC (other than framerate of course).  As far as I know you can read what I have to say about mode qualities and apply that to the coinciding PAL framerates.  For example, I suggest 1080-60 as a great go-to mode for most of your filming – the same is true for 1080-50 in PAL because it has the same video qualities and processing.  Apply the same approach for 720-120 in NTSC and 720-100 in PAL.  They both will have the same type of processing that gives aliasing in the wide mode and no aliasing in the narrow mode.

PAL vs NTSC differences & purpose goes back to power type and frequency.  We use 60 HZ power in America while Europe has stuff cycling at 50 HZ.  We had an issue last year at Winter X Games in Tignes France.  We had decided to film everything in NTSC to be able to have optimal framerates for TV commercials back in the US afterwards; however, when we were filming at night for the half pipe all of our NTSC footage was flickering like crazy – this is because the lights in Europe are running at 50 HZ.  Be careful when you’re filming dark scenes but it’s generally a good practice to film in your countries’ native power cycle-age – PAL in most european countries and NTSC in the Americas and parts of Japan.

Camera Issues?

If you’re experiencing a glitchy camera the first step is to head over to the GoPro website and make sure your camera has the latest firmware installed (this is like the latest version of the software in the camera).


If problems keep occurring the next step is to make sure you’ve got a fast enough SD card – see the suggested list of cards for GoPro:


If that doesn’t solve your quandaries contact GoPro customer support; they will help without hesitation.

A common question I get is regarding skipping video on playback.  When that occurs first make sure your footage is copied off of the SD card and you’re running it from the computer’s HD or an external.  Next, try using VLC.  It’s a free player that usually gives the smoothest playback with GoPro files.

Questions? If you’ve got em, shoot them below! If you have ideas for a Part 3, let me know!


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  • David Richardson

    Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to explain everything in both part 1 and 2 for the GoPro Hero 3 Black!

  • Josse W

    Q: In your color correction video on YT you showed Luma graph which I found one of the most useful tips ever, you explained the two boundaries of light and dark and anything above or below it will be detail lost. However, in your more recent videos, I saw more and more frames were the lighter parts of the frame were over-lighted and definitely above the Luma graph, would you say it’s a loss to the video?
    In the skiing edit I’m working on right now, I tried to get it above the Luma graph just a little bit, and even though that gives a loss in detail on the snow, I think it enhances the rest of the image.
    Ideas for Part 3: Instagram color correction tutorial, maybe do a behind the scenes of one of your (GoProCamera or abekislevitz) videos in which you show people what you’ve been doing.

    • It’s up to you how much you want to push the image. It’s true that anything maxing out over the top of the luma graph is detail being lost – that being said it’s a personal choice to how it pushes the overal image. As a general practice I try to not blow it out at all and raise the other levels any way I can to get the desired look. Not sure which videos you’re talking about where I’m blowing things out; it could be that the camera FW that I was using didn’t do the best job of limiting the whites. Also keep in mind that monitors will display things differently; the only true way to know what your luma levels are is by looking at a graph.

    • Also, an important note – if you’ve got wifi on, stand-by mode will not initiate – the camera requires a certain amount of amps to keep the wifi going.

  • Jean-Briac

    Thanks so Much Abe !
    I’ve got one question : How do you turn your photos into square pictures for instagram ?

    Thanks !

  • It’s normal if sometimes, especially when the GoPro battery life is very low, the camera hangs at power on and from that moment you cannot do nothing? The only way to turn it off is to remove the battery manually.

    • There’s going to be a lot of questions about camera freezes and unfortunately I can’t help with any of that. The firmware team is going at 200% working out any bugs that still exist and will be releasing new builds as they finish .

  • Thanks so much for posting this! If you do a part three it should be about your preferences for accessories and mounts. I noticed in some of your videos as well as other videos GoPro has made you both utilize the skeleton housing while skiing frequently (at least that I’ve seen)… any particular reason/benefit to this? Only thing I could think of was that it makes the battery compartment more accessible as I’ve had to open the battery cover to re-seat the battery when my GoPro freezes… my most recent attempt to re-install the firmware has (knock on wood) thwarted this problem… just a thought. Also (while this is something I practice on ALL of my cameras) do you advise only formatting your SD cards on the GoPro? I feel as though firmware issues could be a big contributor to not doing so…

    • No problem Sam. Utilizing the frame mount is on my own accord, not GoPro’s. For me it’s mostly about weight and convenience. I’m not too worried about the cameras themselves as they’re surprisingly durable outside of the housing. Doing the formatting in the card is a good practice. Freezes are out of my hands – hoping new builds will help fix most issues.

      • Thanks man. I’m finding the cameras are pretty durable sans housing as well in the days since I’ve posted; now I just need to get my SD cards to stay in tact. 64GB Sandisk Class 10 fried today. I too hope for improvements… I love these cameras, id just like one as reliable as my original HD HERO… thanks again!

  • Ketil

    How do you color your photos ? Do you use Photoshop or another coloring software ?

  • Mattias

    Is the photo taken when pressing the button or when the red light flashes? Just wondering how you captured those great shots with the shutter lag of gopro. Burst mode? and btw, Great post!

    • When you press the button you should hear a beep – the photo is pretty instantaneous. You’ll hear a second beep that indicates that it saved to the card.

  • These two articles gave me the amount of information that I could get by just using the camera for 5 months. Thanks a ton!! I know you’ve been getting this a ton, and I’ve heard you’re working on it, but when can us eager fans expect your photoshopping tutorials and such?

    Thanks man!

  • Antoine ST-Pierre Arseneault

    hey Abe ! I have a small question ! I use adobe after effect for trim and make my effect but I would like to know what is the best rendering setting for YouTube? for now I use the QuickTime setting with photo-jpeg codec but i’m not sure that is the best setting… I search a lot for know but I don’t find… I use gopro hero3 protune on 1080p ! the effect that i put is the warp stabilizer color correction magic bullet looks and I don’t know if I’m better to use twixtor for my slo motion or the temporal extension offer by after effect …


  • Grant Whitty


    Question: So I have been going to a local gym that has super tramps and foam pits etc. with my friends. The light inside isn’t the best I tried using 1080 at 60fps for good quality and enough frames to slow it down. The video came out grainy and had some motion blur which I wasn’t hoping for… What setting(s) would you suggest filming in?

    Also I cant seem to get my Hero 3 to turn on, any ideas? (It worked on Friday and I have 2 batteries)


    Grant Whitty

    • You’ll only be able to reduce motion blur by filming at higher framerates, otherwise the camera will use all the time it can to get as much light as it can. Sounds like it’s just too dark a place to get decent footage!

  • Antoine ST-Pierre Arseneault

    I have a small question for you Abe ! I use after effect for trim and make my effect but would like to know what is the best setting for YouTube ? I actually use the QuickTime setting with the photo jpeg codec but i’m not sure that is the best setting… I use GoPro hero3 protune on 1080p! I do warp stabilizer + color correction + slo motion(twixtor or temporal extension ? what do you think about it ?)

    thanks !

    • For YouTube I would use h.264 MP4 with a datarate of around 12,000 KBPS

  • Ricky MacCaw

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Abe. Its people like you that give GoPro such a positive non-corporate profile. My life has definitely taken a more exciting route since I saw your videos and purchased a GoPro! Enough of the sucking up. As other people have said, it would be cool to see some photo editing techniques. Perhaps not just limited to the GoPro but with your other cameras as well. For instance what you do to achieve the stunning pictures of the milky way?

    • Thanks Ricky! Yes yes, photo editing is on the list for the next tutorial. Milky way shots are just a wide angle lens, tripod and 30 second exposures with ISO around 2000. Try it out!

  • Philippe Lefrançois

    Hey Abe, I’m planning to go on a trip in Europe in a few months. Should I record in PAL or NTSC ? If I film everything in PAL won’t I get some trouble watching the videos on my tv or computer when I’m back home here in Canada?

    • You should record in NTSC – you don’t want to go mixing frame rates in one single edit – if you notice some crazy light flickering maybe switch over but you should be good for 95% of video you may shoot over there.

  • Jonty Whiter

    Great job Abe, thank you. I’d be be really interested in anything more you had about colour correction. I do a lot of colour work in Sony Vegas but I’m trying to step up to resolve lite but finding helpful online material is a bit trickier than say final cut or vegas etc. Do you stick to resolve for all your colour work now?

    • I am using Resolve for most of my coloring, yes. There aren’t a whole lot of tutorials out there, but there’s a few and they pretty much did the trick!

      • Mattias

        Maybe a stupid question but what is the advantage of using resolve instead of premiere cs6 for colorgrading?

  • Josh Small

    Thanks Abe. One thing I would love to know more about is using the GoPro App to access Protune in the 720p & 1080p narrow modes. I don’t have a phone that works with the App but might get one if it gives me good access to the Narrow Protune modes. Would be great to hear some comments of how reliable these modes are, under what circumstances are these modes available/not available, etc. Of particular interest to me is what would happen if you enabled set a Narrow Protune mode using the wifi App, and then: Switched wifi off? Switched the camera off and then back on again?

    • I actually didn’t know that about the App making narrow available in ProTune and not the rest. It’s my understanding that all modes will be in ProTune in the next release. That was one of my big complaints to them a while ago and in the test builds I use Narrow is part of ProTune. Sorry about that – an update should be out sooner than later.

  • Justin Kleeger

    Great job like always Abe. Love your work on the new music video as well. Can easily see how much you picked up in your bag of tricks since the first one.

    I can already guess with your time being limited, but do you have plans of making any more editing tutorials on Youtube? Found them really helpful.

    Last question, you heading to Tignes for Xgames?

    • Thanks Justin! Yes time is very limited. I have about 20 concurrent projects I work on so it just depends on my mood if another tutorial will squeak out soon! We’ll see. And yes heading to Tignes for the week of the X Games!

  • Abe,

    Do you use spot metering at all when out skiing with all the snow?

    • Nope, actually never used spot meter on the HERO3 !

    • spot metering is mainly used for shooting from shadow into light as I understand it.

  • daewidd

    Nice post, gopro hero 3 cameras are available for world wide shipping now. Check http://www.x-sportsworld.com/gopro for more gopro info

  • Martin Klungland

    This was very helpful! Thank you!

    I was just wondering how you capture your photos with the GoPro? Are you always using the photomode or do you screencapture from video as well? I find it hard to get great actionphotos with the photomode due to the timing of the photos being taken every 2seconds. So when Im in the middle of the air in a backflip for example, I might just end up with a photo of the takeoff and one of the landing..
    So I have used screencapture of video alot to make sure I dont miss anything, but then the quality is not that good!

    So basicly what Im asking for is the best way to get high res. actionphotos! The Hero3 is amazing and I carry it everywhere i go!

    But with such a great camera, I dont want to miss out on a few settings that most likely will solve me problems..

    • Martin – why are you using every 2 seconds? I use every .5 seconds and find that I rarely miss a shot. That’s what my camera is in most of the time to get action shots. A few other times I will use 30 burst with a remote!

  • victor sättberer

    this one was very helpfoul! thanks alot man! love the black edition but not the battery life…but i will buy a extra battery!

  • Thomas van Ardenne

    Thanks for sharing, Abe! What’s your preferred method of taking pictures during skiing / action? Are you indeed using the Simultaneous Video & Photo mode and do you take the lower quality for granted or are you using the remote and take the shot yourself or one of the continuously photo options? Any advice on using the remote during skiing?

    • Mostly I use photo every 0.5 seconds. Remote sometimes works for certain applications but the continuous photo mode usually does the trick.

  • Sam i Am

    GREAT ARTICLE, if you could delve into some of the FPS and Res help for specific lighting and action sports im sure we would all benefit from that! As well as any additional information on the PROTUNE settings. Thanks and great write-up, very easy ready!

  • I still have freezes even with proper firmware upgrade! Great article.

  • Ta likozarjev

    I bought a silver hero 3 and I was filming the other day, when my camera froze and deleted all of my vids (over 2 hours of material). I tried to get it back, but I just can’t. And the gopro support isn’t helping me.
    Anybody got any ideas?

  • Diego Aguilar

    Abe, when i see your videos i see shots with a incredible resolution (maybe 2K, 1440 or 1080) in slow slow slow motion and they look smooth. Are you using some program (twixtor) or is another resolution as 720-120 ? Thanks

    • It’s all just 1080-60. For a few extreme slow motion shots I use twixtor but I don’t like to use it often 🙂

  • Thorsten Moortz

    It makes me even more happy than reading eppisode1… thank you…

  • David

    Hi Abe, can you take a look at my picture (100% crop)? The chromatic abberations (purple and yellow) on my Hero 3 BE are really bothering me. Is this amount of CA normal and do you have any tips to reduce them?

    • Unfortunately this is indeed normal at the moment. I know there are talks of working on minimizing CA in both software and hardware.

  • Oscar

    I just have to say AWSOME help! 🙂 Love people who take there time to help not only is the text awesome the design makes it so much more fun to read! Thanks again bro!

  • Jason L

    I have been wondering ALL of those questions and this is the best article that I have read. Thank you for clearing up my questions!!

  • Even when taking pictures on a sunny day i cannot get such a blue sky, and such clear and delicious colours. How do you do it and/or what program do you use for editing your photos into these amazing shots? 🙂

  • Baynts

    Hi, great article, thanks. Has anyone got any figures for battery life when running it at 720 ? I intend to record a two hour bike race so wondered if I should perhaps run it at 720 x 60? Do you reckon I will get 2 hours coverage?

    • get a battery backpack – the old one works great on Hero3, got 3+hours on it on 1080p 25fps no-protunes

  • Abe, please enlighten me on what protune actually is. All I see to find out is that it looks better but what is the actual difference?

    Thanks man and by the way, you are just awesome in every way 🙂


    • Protune is a picture profile that makes the picture more flat so there is a less difference between shadows and highlights – picture looks more “dusty” – its kinda like an Instagram filter in a way but it make picture look less cool until you use color correction. This is where protunes shines – you can achieve much more in post production as you have more informations of the colors in shadow/bright areas instead of just black/white. Its more a professional tool as you can match up colors of different cameras and get the same look across and you can color it as you like it. If you know what RAW files on stills cameras are then this is somewhere half way between raw and jpg.

  • Maybe next post should be on mounting tips. I know Gopro has a short video about it, but maybe some small tricks and stuff. I am shooter for Gopro here in Europe and I learned a lot from US teams coming over or from F1 mechanics (helicopter tape saves expensive paint)…

  • Ben

    Almost every time i have my Hero3 set to take a photo every .5 sec while i’m snowboarding, all my picture turn out blurry. Any tips or advice on what I can do to get crystal clear pictures while moving??

    • Interesting. All I can say is hold the camera more steady and shoot on sunny days. I don’t usually have an issue with blur – surprising to hear that!

  • Hi!

    Good job for the parts 1 & 2, really cool! I want them on my iPod next to the GoPro app!!!

    Question: did you perform some battery tests in timelapse mode??? I’d like to have the same chart than the video!

    • Yes a timelapse mode battery test would be great. I haven’t had the opportunity to go through those modes and test.

      • Rick Lopez

        It’s only one data point, but in advance of my marathon next week I ran a test where I shot 1 still every 5 seconds (time lapse). The results were a very undesirable 1hr 53minutes. The camera ran very warm throughout.

        It seems pretty clear to me based on what I’ve read here and on the go pro user forums that the camera is doing little to save power between each picture.

  • Deane

    What’s a good sd card to use for the hero 3 black? Mine takes photos but won’t take videos? Would u have any ideas why this is. Thanks Deane.

    • Look at the cards they sell on the GoPro online store and match that – that’s what we use and they work well.

  • This is very very awesome. Thank you. ONE QUESTION. The timestamps are all messed up! Is there a plan to patch this?

    • Have you set the correct date/time in the camera? If you connect via the app you can just click date-time and it will auto update from your phone’s information

  • Miguel Muniz Miranda

    Hi, Abe!
    Great Post!
    How many record time I will gain with the battery back pack?

    • Not sure, I haven’t used it.

      • Miguel Muniz Miranda

        If you used it, let me know.

        Thanks Abe!

    • I tested it.
      I got +/- 60min record time on 1080p 60frames 🙂 wifi & protune off

      • Miguel Muniz Miranda


  • Charles Rhodes

    I had a freeze up with my GoPro, because I had used the wrong sd card. I Needed to use a class 10 sd. Anyway sent camera back to GoPro and they got me a new one out right away!

  • Matt Hahn

    Thanks so much for all the great advice. I was wondering if you changed your editing software or workflow at all since the release of final cut pro x. I followed your tutorial and used MPEG Streamclip on the edit I just made. Are you still using FCP? And do you have any advice on getting a video viewed by GoPro? I think I have a good edit, I’d just love to hear someone’s opinion from GoPro. Thanks!

    • I still use FCP 7 for the most part and the same workflow. I have a few more post processing techniques but the base is still the same. Getting a video viewed by GoPro? Put the right tags on it, tweet it and use #GoPro and @GoPro on your tweets.

      • Matt Hahn

        Alright cool, I gave it a try and tweeted it. I tagged you too (from @matthahn17)… it would be so sick if you’d give it a favorite or retweet on twitter. Thanks so much for everything, its great that you take your time to reply to people personally like this.

  • Sam

    Hi Abe,
    Best post ever, I have been looking everywhere on the web for one just like this! Just a question, do you ever use the “burst mode” when taking photos? For example, say if i’m skiing down a mountain and I take a photo, will the picture be blury since I would be going at speed, or would it only be a blur if I was taking the photo in darker conditions? You seem to have crystal clear photos that show every bit of detail up in the picture! What mode do you use?
    Thanks for your time Abe!
    You post the most epic videos, and give the greatest advice with your tutorials! You are a ledgend mate!

    • all depends on the light conditions. most of the time during the day your photos will be sharp without motion blur except if you are spinning like hell. Dark or foggy conditions will make a bit more motion blur as the shutter speed will go for longer exposure

      • ^ What Uros said – I haven’t had too much problem with blur but I also shoot on mostly sunny days and hold the camera real steady!

        • Sam

          Thanks heaps guys! I have always wanted to know the correct answer, and I just happened to get it from the absolute pros! Thanks again heaps! 🙂

  • Jesse Fink

    Should I use Protune for skiing videos. Or how about when at all should I use it?

    • Hey Jesse, check out my original post regarding ProTune and when to use it.

  • Andrew

    What is th most current firmware for the black edition and is there somewhere we can go to view the most current firmware number? Thanks!

    • I actually don’t quite know where that information is found but the most current release will be on the GoPro website. If you’re unsure, a reinstall of the FW won’t harm anything

    • skyjet

      I just received and updated my black edition yesterday. The version I got was HD3.03.02.00 and the Wi-Fi version is . If you have the app you can see the firmware version under tools or settings(?). You can also find the firmware version in the properties of a picture taken with the camera under “details”. I don’t remember seeing the firmware version number on GoPro site.

  • I have enjoyed reading both parts you have posted but I still own a Hero2 (until I pony up the money for a H3B). do you (or any of the GoPro Team) have anything like this for your older, but still great, model?

    p.s. I had terrible time with my Hero2 freezing after I got the Wifi bacpac and updated it. I got a hold of customer service and after some secret button pushes and manually pushing the firmware to the SD card like you describe above for the H3B I haven’t had any trouble at all!

  • Part 3: How to match gopro files with dslr and other camera footage.
    Part 4: A breakdown of an edit like why each shot was chosen and how you achieved each effect

    That would be awsome

    • To match gopro and DSLR footage just install technicolor cinestyle to your DSLR (assuming its a canon) and turn protune on in the hero 3 settings

    • lauteb

      very interested in Part4!

  • Chris Jardine

    Hi abe, My wife dirrected me to here and Im pretty excited to take my gopro out again and test out all your recommendations. I do have one strange problem though. Probably 30% of the time when I try and record something it will only record for 10 seconds. I have formatted the sd card and reflashed the H3B with the new FW but i still have the issues with recording. Is it something Im doing or am I just crazy. Thanks for all the help so far! Chris

    • Hey Chris,
      I had that same issue a few times. It ended up going away but I’m not sure how. I would try customer support if it keeps happening consistently. What mode are you filming in? Try switching it to a different mode and seeing how long you can record when that happens then switch back without turning it off.

      • Chris Jardine

        Thanks for the reply! I noticed it mainly when I was using protune auto and raw; very sad when I discovered it reviewing some footage. I have another question, ave you used the added filters made by SRP? If so what do you think about them? Thanks again!

        Link http://www.snakeriverprototyping.com/shopblurfix3so.html

    • I’ve had the same issue – the problem was the SD card itself, you have to make sure it is a class 10 sd card. A slower card can only buffer around 10 seconds of footage on the Hero 3.

  • Jim

    I continue to have camera freeze on my Hero 2 after I put ProTune on the camera. About 50% of the time the camera will freeze up. If I remove the battery and restart, it seems to go away. I contacted GP support and they told me the SD card comment above but that does not seem to be the problem in my case…any thoughts?

  • Jack Willcox

    Abe, I am a huge fan of your work and these GoPro information articles you have started creating, just a quick question in regards to battery life. Does turning your camera on and off a fair bit throughout the day decrease the battery life by a significant amount? Because whenever I finish recording I turn the camera straight off and I am wondering if this is a better option than just leaving it on throughout the day.
    Thanks for this article Abe and please keep them coming!

  • Basti

    Awesome “tutorial”, Abe! I´d love to know how you edit your pictures! Do you use specific plugins or presets for lightroom? or is it all just your personal taste and adjusting some curves? thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us!!!

    take care.

  • Holthusen

    Do you use a cc on the picture :)? looks so sick <3
    or how is it that the quality get so sick on the picture, when i take a picture with the gopro id dosent look so good and the colours is so bad :S any tips? 😀

    • fleur-de-lis

      yeah, I would like to know this as well. Your photos look superb. I got a HB 3+ and the quality of my photos -in stellar conditions- is nowhere near what you’ve got. Look at the clarity of the background / mountain in the rail photo… Amazing.

  • Hi Abe !

    I got some issues with continues filming.

    During my test of the battery life when filming the files where automatically split. None of the files go bigger then 3,92gig.

    This is no problem at all for me 🙂

    But when i open the files, some of them are corrupt ….. How is this possible ?

    This was in a test mode so i dont care about the lost footage. But if this happens on my bike holiday’s it not nice 🙁
    Did you hear about this issue yet from other customers ?

    Kind regards

    • I read somewhere that this happens sometimes when the processor is writing to the memory card. usually within the first few seconds of recording. one problem discussed was with a slower memory card being an issue, is yours new and level 10 or higher and reliable brand?

      • Hi Philip, I got the Sandisk 64gig micro sd card.

  • JP

    Hi Abe,

    Im from Bolivia and currently in charge of sales for GoPro in this part of Latin America. I cant thank you enough for this “Understanding your GoPro” series, really well explained and you also take the time to answer to your comments. Sadly I’ve been experiencing the freezing issues with no obvious solution yet, just learned how to live with it, except from that the camera is awesome. Hope you can add a “How to Edit” part someday, in Cineform Studio or Premiere maybe.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this, cheers!

  • Robert

    thanks for the waist tip
    when i was taking vertical photos i always was without legs but with dead space above my head 😉

  • thanks for the info

  • Jeremy Puskas

    I’d love to see some information on getting the most out of shooting at night (starry sequences and other serious low light shooting).

  • Matt

    I’d suggest recording with the NTSC frame rate setting (60p) instead of PAL/50p even if you are in a PAL country, UNLESS you need to mix GoPro and PAL video camera footage. Since most folks are viewing their footage or edited video on PCs, whose screens typically refresh at 60Hz, the NTSC/60p settings will generally look smoother.

  • Erwan

    Hi Abe.
    Thanks for all of this, it’s very usefull!

    I am experiencing some weird colorization with my gopro3 blak in full snowy environment and sunny conditions.
    The snows seems to be dirty, it’s almost yellow. And my gopro2 gives me perfect white.
    I’have been testing several modes, but I never get the same beautiful colors/luminosity as with my hero 2.

    Do you know anything of the best practices in theses conditions?



    • PolarPro makes filters for GoPro cameras. They are $29.99 each, or you can get 3 for a discounted price on their website, http://www.polarpro.com They have a polorization filter for color correction in harsh light, a red filter for “blue” water, and a magenta for “green” water. The cool thing, they just snap on and off the camera case!

    • You could try Eel Vision’s polarizer filter, it’s cheaper around $9 only at http://www.eelvision.com and does a good job at cutting down the brightness due to sunlight reflecting on surfaces and bouncing straight into the camera. There are also dive filers (red & magenta) for about the same price – I have used them on a recent trip and am very satisfied with the colors, they compare (or surpass!) the results from other $70+ filters.

  • Thanks Abe! Another great, will written post!

  • N,Horner

    what is your output format to? how much do you bitrate?

  • Thanks for all the information, I have been a GoPro Fan since I bought my Original Hero camera years ago. I own a 1,2 and a New Hero3 Black. and the video is amazing. 99% of the problem I have helped people with can be fixed by reinstalling the latest software, making sure all the devices you use are up to date. Not sticking a Memory card into you camera with other stuff on it the first time. SO many people pull a card out of different cameras and move them around.I always buy a new card for a new Camera and have had the best luck that way. Keep up the good work.

  • Simon Wyndham

    Thanks Abe, good write up.

    Couple of things. Regarding the standby mode, I have my Hero3 Black set to power down after 1 minute. Is is the standby mode you refer to? There was a choice of times to choose from, not just 5 mins.

    I still have freezes, and my camera came factory installed with the latest firmware. It is especially irksome on the river because it means having to open the case while still on the water a lot of the time to remove the battery, which is highly risky. This also lets moist air in and then I end up with it steaming up! I always charge my batteries from a dedicated USB charger, and I always format/erase the SD card from with camera itself. I clean format it every time I go out on a new trip.

    Regarding NTSC and PAL, I’m going to be a pedant here. With HD there is no NTSC or PAL. They refer to the colour encoding, resolution and other factors of SD television video. NTSC had a different resolution, frequency, and colour encoding to PAL. With HD there are no such distinctions other than frequency. It would be more accurate for GoPro to label the menu as 50hz or 60hz.

    It is true that if you use 60hz mode in a country that has a 50hz power supply such as in Europe you may get flicker under certain lighting. But with a GoPro it can be irrelevant because the camera adjusts exposure using shutter speed and/or gain since there is no lens iris. If you use a GoPro in a 60hz country and the camera is set to 60hz recording mode, if the camera then starts to use an odd shutter speed you could still have picture issues with certain types of lights regardless of whether you have it set to the frequency of the country you are in.

    Because most people are uploading their footage to the web, and the vast majority of computer monitors out there run at 59.94hz I would recommend that people use “NTSC” mode (which on the GoPro is actually 59.94hz) all the time. This will eliminate any odd minor “jumps” in smooth pans etc when played back on a computer monitor on YouTube, Vimeo and the like.

    The mode of the camera should always be set for the method of distribution of the footage, which is more than likely to be the web, which is mostly 59.94hz. So it makes more sense to use this mode on the camera if that is where the footage will ultimately end up.

    For a Part 3, it would be good to know what the camera is actually doing when using settings such as Cam Raw white balance. The manual description is quite vague as to what is really going on with that mode.

    • Quentin

      I’m also intrigued about the “standby” setup and I’d be interested to know what the answer is as I can’t find it. I can’t find a standby option amongst the menus but can find the option to have the unit switch off after 60secs, 5 mins, 10 mins etc. If I set the unit to power down it does just that but pressing the shutter button doesn’t “wake it up” to take a photo as the camera appears to be very definitely turned off rather than in standby. Be grateful for any advise on this as standby would be very useful indeed.

      • Quentin

        Ah, I think I may have answered my own question. It looks as if the camera just goes into standby automatically after 5 minutes rather than this being something you actually have to set.

        • Simon Wyndham

          Yes, this is how it seems to be. It would be good if on a future firmware it would allow the standby time to be set.

  • Marc-Antoine Carrier

    Hey dude that was so much help!
    For part 3 you could give some tips on filming!

  • I had an issue with the red light lock up right out of the box. So after some research I found out that my usb power supply was overloaded and wasn’t giving the camera enough amperage to overcome the inrush current needed to charge properly (I think I got that right). So now I charge strictly with the wall charger and haven’t had an issue since. Hope this helps and thanks for all the useful information, you’ve really cleared up a lot of foggy areas for me.

  • Nils Osterlund

    I suggest that these two appreciated “Understand your GoPro”-chapters are included in the “Product manuals” section. An idea about a third chapter, something to prepare for summer: in water/under water shooting.
    I have had the same experience as Chris Jardine, below, as regards recordings which occasionally shuts down during recording.

  • Frederik Libergren Lassen

    Which editing programs are you currently using to edit in? Totally off topic question i know 🙂

    • Sam Ballantine

      He uses a combination of Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects

  • shent

    Great article, bought gp h3 blk this year after a year watching ur usc vids, which in my eyes deserves mr nw to give u some time to produce a new usc vid as it sells cameras;-) Freazing issues i have experienced and seams to be linked with wifi remote but still early days and no defendant patten , on the plus side i have had some cracking photos of the kids while getting them to check the camera haven’t frozen or which setting its on while mounted to my helmet, very cool pics.
    I have simular priced hd camcorders etc and the gp has honestly knocked the socks of these, its a great bit of kit and have plenty of plans for it as it can go were others can’t (i didn’t mean that, its going up are boat mast).
    Any tips on time lapse. ie pic size. I recorded mt blanc on 12mp wide and the file is so large its un manageable.
    Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to maybe a feature lenth film in the future!

  • Nicolas Garcia

    Abe, what are your thought about polarized filters (like this : http://www.polarprofilters.com/shop/goprohero3polarizerfilter/) ?

    I have a GoPro HD1 and images are sometimes too bright, mostly on snow and sunny conditions. The snow is like 100% white without editing. Impossible to see the relief and shadows on the snow.

  • Joneil

    Thank you so much for both articles! Very useful information!

  • Great site, thanks. My question for working with Video & Photo Simultaneously: If I take video and photo, my photos have on the left side a a narrow border in rainbow colors as shown. If I only take photos, everything is well. What´s the fact? I´m using a 10 card.

  • TheM

    Great article! Thanks! I appreciate it always when a company not only sells a high tech product but also allows their employes to give inside tech infos to the interested audience (even with negative marks). As an engineer its always fun to read such insight storys.
    Suggestion: how about some advice for audio recording. How do you do it in your projects? Do you prefer external/seperate recording equipment and syncing later in postpro or do you use the Hero audio input jack….?

  • Prik

    SD card fables:
    1 – Gopro camera does not format the SD card, it only clear the index on the card.
    2 – Class 10 card is not sufficient, I had some freezes, test the card writing speed on a USB3 PC and select a card with writing speed > 10MB/s

    3 – The well know Sandisk class 10 UHS-1 cards are no good for reliable working, Their writing speed is little below 10MB/s
    4 – Best card for Hero 3 black is Transend class 10 UHS-1 with writing speed of > 17MB/s

    • Mattias

      hmm but 45 mbit is not even 6MB/s or am I wrong?

      • Druide

        Note that there are 8 bits in 1 bytes so 1B = 8b. SO 6MB = 48 Mb

  • Steve N

    Suggestions on video editing software? Trying to find one that allows me to the the most out of my FPS on my hero 3 black. Trying to find a free one, or at least an inexpensive one. The go pro software is great for editing the color and stuff from the vids, but it clearly dosnt have a feature yet that allows you to put a movie together. Thanks!

  • Mattias

    When I encode my edit to 30fps from 60fps the video gets really bad when moving/panning. My videos from my gopro hero2 seems way smoother. All i do is put the 59.94fps clip in a 59.94fps timeline and then export it to 29.97fps

  • Fantastic guide, very nice ! Could you post some tips to underwater video settings, like the one in the official demo ?

  • Prik

    Abe Kislevitz, Great post, I came to the same conclusion about Sandisk and Transcend class 10 cards. I tested the writing speed of both cards and the Sandisk in just below 10 and Transcend above 17MB/s.

    Do you have experiance with 64GB cards? After the tests I’ve done and reading on the internet I came to the conclusion that they can not be used adequate with the current FW (not in FAT32 or exFAT format).

    Last question is about the formatting option of the Gopro. To my opinion this option only clear the index table on the SD card and the real formatting can only be done on a PC.

    Best regards,


  • Chris Roe

    Awesome articles – THANK YOU for posting!!! I’m somewhat of a “newbie” so forgive a stupid question, but… is there any benefit to recording in 4K, and then converting to 1080 in FCP-X or some other editor? Will it provide a “richer” more “detailed” clip, or does converting it negate everything? …I tried playing around with the native 4K file size in FCP-X and – although it rendered – it took FOREVER, and didn’t want to play back very well. I converted to 1080/30 and it rendered and played great, but I’m not sure if I really “did” anything by recording 4K (…I was playing around using 4K for time-lapse). Thanks for any thoughts!

  • Johnny Mancini

    Thanks Abe! Always helpful. Wish I had your job! Super jealous.

  • Mike

    I recently noticed a problem with 2sec timelapse: the gopro doesn’t count correctly the 2 seconds. It starts from 5 and after that the counter is totally random. 0,5sec, 1sec, 5sec are perfect (I did a 1minute and 2 minutes timelapses counting the number of shoots). 2 sec timelapses are totally fucked up (in fact I did a timelapse and the clouds changed the speed in the middle of the video).
    I tried to hand reset the camera but never changed.
    Lot of users got this problem. I contacted the support and it seems it’s a firmware bug that will be solved in the next update.

    • Gene

      Hey Mike — GoPro has posted new FW dated April 4th. I’m wondering if you’ve downloaded and applied the new FW and tested the timelapse function with the 2 second interval? If so, does the firmware correct the issue? Thanks!

  • Prik

    Does anyone has experiance with FW updates for the Hero2, did that also took so long ?
    I find it increadible that with so many issues reported they didn’t issue a FW update since mid December, 3 month ago !
    Nicholas Woodman should spend his money on customer support in stead of climbing up the fortune top 100.

    • I had freezing and stopping problems with my Hero2 (it had been working perfectly for several months after updating to v222)
      I manually downgraded the firmware and then let CineForm upgrade it to v222 again.

      Haven’t had any freezing or stopping since.

  • “Understanding your GoPro” takes a lot the guess work out of all the different modes. Appreciate you taking the time to put these together.

  • Hi Abe ! Could you make article about best GoPro mounts ( chest , helemet , pole ) ? Like which one is best for this situation and this for another situation . It will you pretty awesome . Thanks

  • Lou

    Hope the part 3 will be the workflow edit !

  • Mattias

    Can anyone suggest a good workflow for protune footage? I convert it to prores then edit in either fcpx or premiere cs6. The biggest problem i have is how to get the protune footage to not look so washed out. Should i adjust the blacks ? since they are not very accurate if i check the scopes? Even if i adjust the blacks it still doesnt look very good 🙁

  • Quentin

    Hi, I routinely geotag my photographs and in order to do this accurately I need to set the camera time to the SECOND so that camera time and GPS time match exactly. I record my GPS track (pocket AMOD GPS Tracker) and then geotag the photos based on the GPS time in the track and link this to the time stamp in the EXIF file of the photo. It is simple to set the Hero3 clock in terms of date and time in hours and minutes but I have not been able to work out a reliable method of setting the seconds exactly. I have tried various methods and it seems to me that the clock seconds just keep on running and when you set the minutes the clock minutes are set but the clock seconds are not zeroed. This means that the Hero3 date and time will be correct apart from the seconds which will essentially be set at a random (unknown) number, or whatever the seconds happened to be on when you set the minutes. This is not too much of an issue when walking as movement, and therefore GPS position, is slow but if one is driving a clock error of say 50 seconds when travelling at 60mph will result in a large position error when the photographs are geotagged. Even walking a 45 second clock error will mean that photographs are placed many metres from their true location. So, how does one set the Hero3 clock accurately, to the second or at least within just a few seconds? Thanks.

    • If you use the GoPro App on the iPhone, you can set the time to that of yout iPhone with 1 press of a button in the settings menu.
      I have an app called Geotag Photos Pro which I run on my iPhone and it records Geo tracking info – you can set it to record constantly or only when you move a certain distance.

  • Lars

    what backpack is it on the 2nd pic under vertical pics ? pls answer

  • Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into these two articles. Super cool!

    Curious, what workflow do you use for post processing your photos and footage to achieve some of the looks your work has?

  • Hey Abe, Good stuff on these blog posts! Quick question, if you were to use a monopod, what’s the best way to take a photo?

  • Thanks Abe! Thanks for sharing your knowledge – I’m excited to get out there!

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  • Ricardo Lacombe

    Abe, as a filmmaker now intergrating GoPro cameras into non-GoPro fields (I.e. not sports or action photography) your knowledge and guides have been invaluable! Awesome work oh master. I’m shooting a Great White Shark documentary in South Africa later this year and wondered if you would always recommend using Pro tune for serious grading work? I’ll be shooting vistas on 2.7k 30fps and close up / underwater footage on 1080 60fps, but still debating Pro tune usage.

    • Vistas and scenics protune is good. For underwater non protune may be better with the noise reduction and better low light results.

      • Ricardo Lacombe

        That’s great. Thanks for the tip.

        • Ricardo, if you are filming anywhere in between 20 and 80 feet, I would recommend using a red filter to compensate for the loss of colors (or two very wide and powerful video lights). I have played around with using Protune but find that setting the camera on “auto white balance” works great with the filters – I can still tweak colors in post if needed but didn’t have to do anything than simply bumping contrast (using curves) as the colors I get are great. This is the filter I use and recommend: http://eelvision.com/our-products/eelvision-gopro-hero3-red-filter/
          Good luck!

          • Ricardo Lacombe

            Most of the underwater action will be approximately 5 to 10 metres from the subjects (sharks!) So would you still recommend a filter?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I have a mount on my truck’s dash above my radio. When I played back videos with my h3b, which was swapped out under warranty for several issues, I heard a popping like static. I’m afraid interference from the radio caused some or all of the problems I had. Is it possible the radio can cause problems? If so, how far should the camera be from the radio? Also, in reference to the part of the article titled “loop recording”, should it be ok to use the USB port or cord on my radio? While typing this, it occurred to me that there could be vibration in the case. Still, I would like to hear anyone’s input on this. Thanks.

    • Hmm i haven’t heard of radios and interference. Never had it happen with me. Also you should be fine using the radio USB as long as it’s made for powering things. Test it out.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Thank you for your time responding to my query. GoPro said about the same thing as you. However, you seem to be very knowledgable and experienced with GoPros. I felt an expert opinion would make me feel better about trying it on my dash again. Thanks again for playing tech support one last time. 🙂 Btw, thanks also for the articles. I have found few articles that are so helpful.

  • alexsainz911

    my go pro dosent take any more pics what can i do?

    • As much as I’d love to be tech support for everyone that’s not really my role here. If you’ve got some issues with your camera give a shout to GoPro at Gopro.com/support

  • D M

    Hi Abe,

    Super appreciate your breakdowns on this stuff.
    I’m a hobbyist film-maker and bought a Hero 3 Black for the amazing frame-rates/resolutions/opportunities it affords,
    so a great deal of your insight is extremely pertinent to my interests (i.e. I don’t really care about being out on the slopes for hours).

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your time and effort in writing up these posts
    and responding to those who are itching for a bit more.

    -Dave in NZ

  • Hi Abe! Thanks a lot for all the useful information about the GoPro!!!
    I would like to know if you have an idea of what could be the reason of the following problem I have.
    I have a GoPro 3 Black, using a 32 GB Transcend Class 10 UHS-I. I also manually updated the firmware successfully.
    I can record on 4K or 2K without problems but when I play the files on my computer I get the audio and video out of sync and also slow video playing. This does not happen when I record in 1080 or 720.
    Any idea? Thanks for your time!!

    • This sounds like a computer issue! It’s very taxing on a computer to play huge files – you’ll usually have to transcode and even then it could be slow. 2K and 4K are huge files that don’t play well.

      • Thanks, I will try with playing it in different video players and see what happens.

  • Riley Jordan

    Hi Abe,

    When I turn my camera off, a number of black lines flicker on the screen! this hasn’t had an effect on when I use the GoPro but I was just wondering why it does so? I have updated my camera via the website but still no difference.

    Love the write up you have done very helpful, keep it up!


    • Haven’t heard of that, do you have a screen shot to show?

  • Riley Jordan

    Hi again Abe sorry to bother you!
    Another question I have tried to follow the steps on (http://gopro.com/support/articles/hero3-manual-firmware-update-instructions). when I get to step 3 it never excepts my GoPro name and password even though it matches the requirements for example I tried.

    Gopro name: Riley’s Hero 3
    Password: theblackedition
    I’m not sure why this is?
    Thanks, Riley.

    • Not sure, try naming it without an apostrophe or spaces

  • jov8

    Abe, Great stuff ! Love your insight.
    Jorge…trying to learn my Black.

  • Maciek

    Hello Abe,
    Firstly, you rock ! Thank you so much for your articles
    about understanding my gopro3. But I need your help again. I have two
    questions to you. First one: How can I take photo in action like this
    one: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/481399_10101244644853565_564706472_n.jpg or this one: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/377620_10101329831314215_487036702_n.jpg ? Did you do it in burst mode? Please tell me how to do it. When I try take some photo in action, it isn’t as sharp as yours.
    question: Why people are using frames instead of waterproof housing? I
    saw that on videos from xgames and on your pictures you are using this.
    I hope you will reply because I really want to know those things.
    Best greetings from Poland! Bye

    • Thanks Maciek! These were all taken with photo every .5 seconds in the timelapse mode! You’ll definitely have to try a few to get a good sharp one.

      For frames – I use them because of weight and ease of keeping the lens clean. I don’t have to worry about fogging.

  • Daniel

    what are simultaneos approved modes? for taking the picture wit the power on/off button

  • krikri

    Have Transcend cards been getting better lately? I remember an official memo from GoPro about 2-3 years ago, specifically asking dealers not to sell Transcend, Adata or PNY card with their cameras…

  • FYI
    I hope this helps someone.

    My question to “GoPro”:
    Does “GoPro HERO 3: Black Edition” support “SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I card 16GB (art.nr. # SDSDQXP-016G)” card?
    Will it perform better than “SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I card for cameras 32GB” (art.nr. # SDSDQUI-032G)?

    They answered:
    “The Black Edition will support the Extreme cards but they are not necessary. The two cards you mentioned will work with the HERO3 cameras – the ‘Extreme’ card shouldn’t work any more efficiently than the Ultra

    There is no difference between SanDisk cards “SDSDQUA” and “SDSDQUI”
    Link to message from “SanDisk”:

    • Interesting! Thanks! I still have been recommending the Transcend UHS-1 cards, they’ve worked well for me.

  • David


    Simple question. How did the GoPro 2 TV promo get those hyper slow mo clear footage (Skier airborne with pole mount)? Can Go Pro and Adobe premier elements 11 do that?

    • That was with a plugin called Twixtor. I haven’t used elements but I would assume you can’t, but then again I’m not sure!

  • Amir W

    Hey, thanks for the info. Although i have the silver ver, it still helps. Only one question about stills. Seems in a medium light i get smearing.. how do you suggest to take good photos – settings and such.. thanks!!

  • Is there any way to view the footage you’ve taken on your smartphone, over Wi-Fi?

  • Hi! Could you explain to me why files of the HERO 3 Black Editon (at 1920×1080 / 60 fps) once imported in Final Cut Pro X are slow to run and especially the video is not smooth but jerky? Bye Abe

    • This is likely a computer performance issue. Do you have a dedicated video/graphics card and a fast processor? Running 1080p files without those is going to REALLY strain your computer. There is a reason that Abe and other video professionals run kind of crazy computer rigs with >10 gigs of ram and 6+ processor cores in addition to a strong GPU (graphics card).

  • I wouldn’t recommend switching to the Hero 3 if you’re just getting it for the Loop feature. I was stupid enough to do so, exchanged one gph3b and have the same problem with the replacement, it doesn’t work. I have it hardwired to my car and with loop recording enabled on any option, the camera still stops when the card becomes full. I see the same problem with many on the forums.

    I have a Gopro Hero HD, Hero 2 HD, and now Hero 3 Black. The 3 is a disappointment, I have lost respect in Gopro for rushing the release without testing.

  • David

    I have the white Hero 3 . Will the remote work with it OK ? I think so . Thanks . I have it mounted on my kayak and bike .

  • jack

    I have go pro 2 mounted on my helmet in side water proof case when i ride my motorcycle i get a lot of wind noise.

  • matt

    Hey Abe, whats the backpack that you use i have seen it in some of your photos and it looks really nice.

  • martin stephen johnson

    Abe, what is the maximum mAh rating you can use as an external battery pack for the gopro hero 3 black ? I would value your opinion on this. I want to extend the battery life for time lapse videos.

  • Marcus Sharpe

    Hi Abe,
    Quick question, How can one apply this nice viewfinder effect in this video and get it to look look like one is taking a photo. I worked out how to blur and sharpen but that’s about it.

    Thanks Marcus

  • Alex

    Man you are awesome! Thank you very much on the helpful information
    have a nice weekend!

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  • Zell

    Hey Able I love your reviews. It its very constructive and extremely informative, thank you taking time explain everything. My gopro is on it’s way and I’m very excited. I’ve tried out the camera before and it love it even with it’s battery shortcomings. I bought Wasabi Power battery pack to work around the short battery life. For part 3. could you perhaps cover some gopro’s popular accessories such as the BacPack 2, LCD Backpack, Anti-Fog Inserts, Mounts, ect.

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  • I noticed you use the term “Go To” a lot. I just wanted to let you know you’ve just become my Go To guy for GoPro learning material!! Keep these posts coming!!! They are highly informative and really interesting for people who understand a lot less about this kind of stuff. I just got my GoPro a week ago and i’m eager to learn!!!

  • Gerard Roca

    Hey Abe!

    Thanks for all, in part 3 you can explain how you do to make de edits, i’m very interested in it! Which program do you use to make the edits?

  • JazJon

    I’ve been researching DashCam’s for the last few weeks. I was originally interested in the DVR-207GS. I then got interested in the Pittasoft BlackVue DR500GW. (nice smart phone WiFi access feature & GPS) The best research spot is http://dashcamtalk.com

    Well I’m not done researching and I thought about the GoPro. So it appears GoPro has a loop recording mode that’s good. The question is can you use “parking mode” with this thing where it’s powered on at all times? (motion activated/G-shock event recording etc.) If it doesn’t, does it at least auto start and stop based on if the car turned on/off? (like a standard dashcam)

    GoPro should add true DashCam software features if the above is missing!

  • Wouter van Oel

    Hay Abe, I saw this on the webs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeesfp/8754584507/in/photostream/lightbox/ and i was really blown away by these pictures, i prefer photography over gopro filming but i really wanted to know how to get these long exposure pictures because they are absolutely great! oh please check my flickr photostream that’be great!


    Best regards

    ~ Wouter

    • You just have to set the camera in timelapse mode taking photos every 2 seconds and you should get similar results. These have obviously been post processed a bit and cleaned up but you won’t be too far off.

  • Randy6T9

    This series on the GoPro Hero3 has been really helpful. I would certainly appreciate a part 3 if you would be so generous 🙂

  • HZak

    Hi,Abe. I know that you are using mac but i need to ask you which media player is best for GoPro Hero 3 Black edition I mean for 1080p 60 fps and 2.7K 30 fps on windows. I tried with windows media player and i works great for 30 sec then video becomes choppy and even freezes. i have intel i5 2.5 Ghz DualCore 6 GB RAM amd radeon 1 GB DDR 5

  • Daniel Vintimilla

    HI Abe,

    I just want to know what are the simultaneous ‘approved’ modes to take the pictures with the power/on mode. Can you please expain this?


    Daniel Vintimilla

    • It’s in the user manual available at the GoPro website – there’s a section explaining which modes work

  • Ryan De La Cruz

    Abe I keep trying to make my videos look like the tv commercials (with the go pro beginning and the smooth transitions) how do i get it to look like that? besides working there of course. I have Final cut pro.

    Thanks Ryan

  • Allen Wixted

    When filming at 2.7k i can only get 5-6 seconds of choppy footage at a time. I do know i only am using a class 2 memory card so is that the weak link? great article, thank you.

    • Adam

      Yes You are going to need at least a Class 10 card


    GREAT posts. As a novice where can I find info on FPS and how to take the least shaky videos with minimal post-processing. Keep up the good work.

  • ZvikaF

    how did you get such long working time on the stock battery ? at 1080-30 protune i got less than hour, and was forced to add battery backpac to be able to hold about two hours diving….

    • It also depends on temperature and what you’re shooting I’m sure… but either way, that’s what I got.

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  • Jim

    Abe, these articles are fantastic, thank you! Ideas for part 3, how about filters! Color filters, and polarizers. Maybe discuss how metering works in a Hero3 (and spot metering) and explain circ vs linear polarizers… I know the circ is better for cameras with beam splitters to avoid under exposed images, but what metering technology does a Hero3 use?

    Awesome work thank you!

    • That would be huge; however I haven’t actually had much experience with filters! None of the stuff I’ve filmed has ever used filters, we are able to get decent results without any. Metering I’d have to do a bit of research as well 🙂

  • Mr Ree

    Thanks alot for taking the time to explain everything in laymans terms, Abe 🙂

    What RES/FR would you recommend for motorsport use, please?

    Keep up the good work, Im looking forward to #3

    • I would say 1080-60 is a good bet for motorsport – it’ll reduce rolling shutter/jello effects

  • Richie

    Thank you for all the time and insight your pour into these articles. Now if you want to show us some tricks of the trade for color correcting pictures in photoshop, that would be rad. You don’t have to let us in on all your secrets, just enough so I get more like than my buddies on instagram. Thanks man.

  • Michael Zhang

    Hey Abe! Just wondering, what MicroSD card do you use? And what size would you recommend?

  • Radoslav Krumov

    Hello Abe , i`m wondering i`m i only person that camera is getting battery off after 40 min of record ,no wi-fi , 1080 60 res of video , few pictures and battery is dead , well this is not the end i buyed 2 more batteries and the problem is still the same with all , and i`m still happy that i broght it i love it i like it , but sometimes the batteries makes me crazy ;(

  • Marcelo Goebel Machado

    Hi Abe, I recently bought a GoPro Hero 3 Black and I noticed that the .mp4 files straight from camera, are much better than after convertion. Just after the first step on Cineform, I already notice huge loss saturation and kind of gamma difference. I already tried many different programs to convert or edit videos, different resolutions, fps and protune settings and always the same result. I also tried in another computer.

    I attatched a printscreen, left side the original .mp4 video from camera, right side the video after compression to AVI on CineForm (only the first step).

    I hope you could help me.
    Great articles about GoPro, you already helped me a lot.
    Thanks, Marcelo Goebel Machado

  • William J. Patelis

    if you hit record from your cell phone from wifi and have it set up on a car and leave the wifi area will it stop recording?

  • jules

    Have recorded a number of videos on my go pro silver. Can locate them when I connect to the computer. Unable to find them when I try to view them on my television. What can I do? tks ji

  • Jonathan

    I noticed that my San Disk had an issue too and I found a solution (The firmware was up to date so that wasn’t the problem). I had a 32gig class 10 San Disk card and then bought a downgrade to a 16gig class 10 San Disk card. The 16 gig hasn’t frozen yet whereas the 32 gig would freeze usually after 1min of continuos recording. My theory is that since the micro SD cards are still a new technology, when San Disk tries to cram 32gigs into a micro SD card the performance suffers. Thus allowing 16gig card to have better performance.

  • Arve Synd


    I’ve been experiencing freezes on my HERO3 Black since I bought it. The perpetrator seems to be the memory card, which is a Lexar 32GB, class 10, and which is recommended by GoPro for use with the camera.

    I have had the memory card replaced once, but I’m still having issues with it. Are there anything I can do to resolve the situation?

    • Have you updated to the latest firmware? The new one was just released 2 days ago, that should solve most of them.

      • Arve Synd

        Hi, and thanks for the swift reply.

        I had been running the April firmware (2.39) until tonight, when I upgraded to 3.30.

        The camera still won’t boot using the Lexar card, which can be caused by a corrupt file system, as the GoPro once shut down abruptly using this card, and I haven’t been able to format the card without a microSD reader.

        The camera is completely frozen at the boot displaying the firmware version, until the camera is powered off, powers itself off after about 30 seconds, or the card is removed. If the card is removed, the camera will proceed to boot, and displays “NO SD”.

        Is there any way to force the camera to format the card on boot?

  • Jesse

    hey Abe, your site is top class, great reference material, cheers! 😀

  • Rodrigo Elias

    Great Article!!! I need to track (matchmove) some footage that was recorded with a Hero 3 Black Ed. on 1080p – Medium Fov… but, I can´t find anywhere what´s the proper sensor size (in mm) and lens that I should put in boujou or nuke… Do you know? Regards

  • Pingback: Understanding Your New GoPro()

  • kllucas

    my gopro has a 32 gb but it wont upload any of the recent picture on to my mac.

  • SilverbackWK

    Thanks Abe. I am a recent GoPro Hero3 Black user. Looking to shot dash cam videos while offroading my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    One update. I had really bad battery performance, even after the latest update. I shot at 720 (I think) with ProTune off (will not get a preview on the Android app with it on).. I found that I get unlimited battery if plugged onto a power source. In my car, it’s the cig lights. Trick is to make sure the camera is off until the vehicle is supplying power, then turn it on. Will not drain the battery at all. Also, make sure to completely power down the Hero when you turn the vehicle off. For my convenience, I have the Frame mount, and don’t have the battery cover on, so I just pull the battery out when I’m done. Otherwise, hold down the WIFI button down for 4 secs to power WIFI off.

    My issue is that I get about 20 minutes of shooting before recording stops. I can go start it right back up, as long as I’m paying attention to that blinking red ‘recording’ light. I don’t mind as much, except when it shuts down right before that ‘hang on, this is gonna hurt’ moment, and I miss it all.

    If anyone solves this…. I will be very happy. BTW – I have a SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-I. If that can’t keep up… what can?!?

  • Schaffer

    Hey Abe! What is your process for compressing the huge gopro files for editing or do you even do this? I just got done editing a video before realizing that the final rendered file is like 30gb and was told i need to compress the files. I was wondering, if you do compress your files, what program do you use? maybe you can explain this in a part 3:D

  • Nick

    FIrst of all, this article is absolutely GOLD. Thank you so much. I’ve bought my camera for a very specific purpose, to film stand-up comedy & improv gigs. I saw you went in to great detail about 1080p settings, but you didn’t mention 1080p 30 in either medium or narrow which might be the settings to use if I can’t get the camera close to the stage. Any thoughts on those settings, and also the spot meter setting which sounds like it would be perfect.
    I’m also using the LCD touch screen bacpac so that definitely changes up the battery life stats you posted as well

  • Kees

    Much and much thanks. I’ve read apart 1&2 and thanks to you i understand mu hopro 10 times better

  • Chad

    Awesome read, lots of info that I was looking all over for. Quick question, do you happen to know the rolling shutter amount for the common resolutions (1080 60fps for example)? I’m trying to use VirtualDub with the Deshaker plugin to get rid of a lot of vibration induced in recordings from sports cars track days (rough surfaces and lots of wind causing the mounts to shake.) I’ve had decent results just guessing, but would like to really dial it in.

    Here’s the plugin: http://www.guthspot.se/video/deshaker.htm

  • Manganese

    Hi Abe, thanks for all the helpful information! Just curious on if you know how people are getting those shots where half the frame is in the water and half is out and both are exposed correctly? Not sure where the gopro gets it’s exposure metering from and if they are using some sort of filter?
    Thanks for any help!

    • I’d just try it out, it’s got a general averaging exposure so it’ll get a little under or a little over, but should be correctable in post.

  • Hobby Mounts

    Great article Abe. Very informative and well written.

  • Jamie

    I just received a GoPro Hero3 for my 65th birthday and I already love it. However, one feature I would love to have is the camera’s ability to turn off mid-recording as a ‘pause’ function, so that when I unpause it, it continues with the same movie. The way it seems to work now is every time I turn off the recording button it saves what was recorded as a separate recording. So if I go mountain biking, record the first two minutes, turn it off, and then turn it on again (in recording mode) and continue that several times it yields several separate recordings. I would really like to make a one recording during an hour-long adventure, but only record a few minutes at a time so as not to put my kids to sleep. With several sequences over a longer period of time as part of a single recording, it might even be interesting. Old camcorders used to easily be able to do this. Is this feature built into the camera (a pause recording button)? Thanks, Jamie

    • Yes, unfortunately that’s where the magic of editing comes in – not as easy as the old tape camcorders, I know.

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  • Charles Salvacion

    Hi Abe, I just got my GoPro3+ Silver today for my birthday. Thanks to my wife. hehe. One question about your 2nd photo above (the one skiing with the mono pod) are you in time lapse mode for that shot?

    Thanks a lot!

  • George Kalogiannis

    Dear Abe, thanks for your helpful article about understanding how GoPro sensor works. Due to my footage is 90% underwater, with camera mounted on speargun, which mode is optimal? With my previous GoPro HERO HD I was filming at 1080p, but the FOV at 127 deg made the fish smaller. This is a reason I got the HD3 Black edition which has a narrow FOV option. Anyway, if you test some modes for underwater footage, your opinion means a lot for many of us (underwater maniacs!!!)

    • I would say either 1080P-30 Medium or 2.7K Wide. I have found those the best for underwater stuff

  • Kodie Collings

    What software program do you use to render the video and do you have any recommended settings for Sony Vegas Movie Studio?

    You should know that i typically record at 1080 60fps and render according to the property settings at 1080 at 60fps with 12mbps. In addition i untick “maintain aspect ratio” and “disable resample”. However even with all this it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the videos on the GoPro YouTube channel. Do you think they record in 2.7/ 4K and render in software such as after effects?

  • Jon Bells

    Hi, I am really struggling to get good photos from my GoPro. All the photos I see during motion are really crisp and clear with no blur? What is the best for this? Do you put it on 30/1 second and just choose the best one? Any advice would be class? cheers

    • It all depends. I shoot most of my action at timelapse every .5 seconds. It’s just a numbers game. Most of my photos that are crisp also are crisp relative to the subject, not necessarily the background (meaning it’s moving, but stable).

  • Autumn Kemery

    Hey Abe! My parents just got a GoPro 3 Black Edition. We have been mounting the camera to my dads motorcycle helmet and recording my two sons ride their motor cross dirt bikes. We have a lot to learn about using this camera but there’s one thing I can’t seem to figure out. I have adjusted the settings multiple different ways and can not seem to get a video that doesn’t skip every couple of seconds. Is this the quality the camera provides? If not- how ever do I get better quality for playback.

    • This is on the computer end, not the recorded footage. First, make sure the footage is copied off the card, SD card readers aren’t fast enough. 2nd, try VLC (http://www.videolan.org). It usually plays footage the smoothest.

  • WP74Life

    Great article !

  • Johannes

    Great tutorial !
    I like your videos very much ! :3
    Greets from Germany ! 🙂
    Can you please say a few words how you created the look of the picture where you showed the difference between 7 MP med and 12 MP wide ? would be really nice !

    I hope my english wasn’t too bad 😀 – Johannes

  • Michael Drowley

    HI Abe, I have borrowed a friends go pro and shot some driving footage at 1080 24p to match my 7D 24p footage. The footage overall looks really good but unfortunately the highlights (sky, cloud and all whites) have converted to zebra lines, rendering 95% of the footage useless. Is this something to do with my footage being over-exposed or is it a setting in the go pro that I can change in post? The conditions was driving early morning in 15 degrees Celsius along a shaddowy, tree lined road with the sun just coming up and poking through the tree line. Thanks, Michael

    • Are there physical zebra lines in the footage? Could you post a screen shot? Doesn’t sound like something I’ve heard of.

      • Michael Drowley

        Thanks for the quick response. Yeah there are lines in all the footage, here is one where you can see the lines on the road and in the sky (background). Cheers, Michael

        • Yo Michael, not seeing any photo or link in your comment! Sorry! If it’s what I think it is, it may be a physical problem with the camera. I’ve seen this once or twice in photos. You’d want to have your friend get his camera swapped out with customer support.

          • My other thought is try updating the camera’s firmware

      • Michael Drowley

        Sorry Abe, I’m not sure if the last reply posted or not. There are zebra lines in all the footage, yes. See attached screenshot. It’s got me beat. I just did a quick test in 1080 60p Wide and the center of all the lights are zebras. Footage looks excellent otherwise. Cheers for the reply, Michael

  • GoPro have said it is a temperature limitation, at 4K 30 fps the camera
    get too hot very fast. 30 fps burst photo is ok as the camera can not
    continue to take another set of burst photos directly after the first
    set, thus it get time to cool down. The buffer is fast enough, the
    memory card can however be to slow as it already is data rate problems
    with the 4K 15fps mode for many class 10 memory cards.

  • Alex

    Hi Abe, i have the idea to make a video of my brother in a club, he is a dj. So it will be dark and i will hold the gopro in my hand. i want to make short videos let say about 30 seconds. What setting would you recommend me, 1080p-30? I have seen that the files are about 100MB for 30 seconds. I have no idea of video postprocessing. Is there any chance to compress the amount of data, so that it is no problem to post it on facebook or wherever?

    Thank you!

  • Steve Smith

    I have a new go pro black and it is a bummer. It froze over and over when I first started it. Now while videoing in one button, it shuts off after 25-50 seconds. Any ideas?

    • Sounds like your SD card isn’t fast enough. Have you checked what class it is?

  • Brian Bennett

    What a great site! Great info and a sense of humor….rare on techy sites.

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    Hi Abe! What about the GoPro 3+? have you test it?

  • Ryan

    Abe could do you a write up about your workflow from pulling the files off the gopro to the production version of the movie files?

    Would be greatly appreciated!

  • Henrik Vahlgren

    I’m not much of a reading-the-manual-guy so thanks for giving a heads up on the gopro. Great job on this article!

  • Luke Stone

    Abe, great info. Any recommendations on the best mode for recording myself snowboarding with the GoPro attached to a 3-5ft pole held in my hand?



    • Either 1080-60 or 1440-48!

      • Luke Stone

        Thanks Abe.

  • Mathew

    What is the best micro sd card I should use to get the longest video time and highest mb/s?

    • Hmm, check the GoPro support page, they have a list of suggested SD cards. The bigger the SD card capacity, the more video time you’ll be able to film.

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  • TG

    Hi, Abe! I’m going on a seven month backpacking trip and am not taking a computer. I’m planning on moving my videos to my iPhone 5s and uploading them from there. I just realized many of the video modes are not compatible with the iPhone 5s (like 720 120 narrow). Do you have recommendations for the best modes that I can still upload to the iPhone? Thank you!

    • I’m not really too familiar with what will upload to the phone or not. I would assume 1080-30 would be your best bet, but again I’m not sure.

      • TG

        Alright, no worries. Thanks, Abe!

  • A(nDroid)Sebrell

    When will GoPro allow us with Hero3’s to upgrade our software to some of the Hero3+ software features?

  • lrosicky

    I apologize for posting NTSC/PAL comment in part 1 – it is explained here greatly.

  • Ale

    Hey Abe! Could you do some article on how to get the best in editing GoPro footage? Everyone seems to be looking to get the “commercial” quality as is promoted. Maybe guidance?

  • fdkoal

    Hi Abe, what do you recommend I set my black3 on for aerial videos .I’m using the phantom .Thanks !

  • wiltsman

    I had video skipping on playback until I saw your recommendation to try the VLC free player. I was using Real Player, but when I used VLC for the first time it was such a relief to be rid of the jerky playback – it was so smooth – thank you!

  • Tom Warner

    Thanks for taking the time to pass this info on. Very informative.

  • Francesco

    Really great guide!!! It was really useful for my ski filming…

    Question: what would you suggest for taking photos (only pics in timelapse mode) indoor??? I need to find good settings for taking photos in indoor bouldering/climbing competitions. The problem is that sometimes to get more light the gopro uses longer exposures, resulting in blurry/moving photos.

    • To best fix this issue use photo every .5 seconds or 1 seconds. This mode won’t allow for longer exposure times.

  • Ale

    Hey Abe! could please please please please make a tutorial on Protune and the editing needed to get the best out of it??? Im looking to get that great colours and texture you have in your clips on my H3+! PLEASE!

  • itravel81

    Would you recommend leaving Protune on/off when shooting still photos? Especially still photos for a time lapse sequence?

    • ProTune doesn’t actually affect photos at all so it won’t matter either way!

  • Alex

    Hey Abe, was just wondering what software we should use to edit/create our videos and pictures?
    btw loving your site! keep up to great work.

  • Mike M.

    I edit my 1080 x 60 fps in Premier elements and it works great except when I export and burn a DVD the video on the DVD continues to come out with some jagged edges and what appears to be a little pixelization. It does not appear that way in the computer. Should I change the filming format or is this the only way it will come out due to degradation in the transfer process. I film motorcycle tours through my company Smokey Mountain Motorcycle Rides.

    • If you’re exporting to a DVD that’s actually standard definition. Blu Ray is the only HD option of physical discs

  • Thomas

    Hi Abe, Hi guys
    i just bought the new GoPro Hero 3+, and i would like to know which SD card should i buy? i haven’t bought it yet, waiting for advices 😉 (sorry for my “english”, i’m french)

  • Neco

    My camera shuts down after 1 or 2 minutes on its on. Has anyone experienced this?

  • Humpff

    This is great information!!! Unfortunately I only have the Hero 3 White. How much of this is can I apply to my camera? Thank you!

  • Demetrio Tessada

    Hi Abe, great site. Congrats. I just started using my go pro 3+ silver and i wanted to ask; what is the best setting to take video on my adventure motorcycle, i ask because I’m not that technical. I would just like to keep in one setting and record video and not have to hazel with all the settings. Thank you

  • mjmedstarved

    Hi, Abe.

    Thanks for the article!!

    I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend to attend Electric Daisy Carnival, and am curious what settings you would recommend for best results in this type of environment?

    Here is a video I shot last year with the exact type of scene I want to shoot: http://youtu.be/IXYO2dQIVWg?t=28m23s

    (I will be using an external mic this time, you can count on it!)

  • Gatewood Brown

    What workflow does GoPro use to upload videos to instagram? Their quality is amazing! My process seems to lose quality, especially after instagram compresses my upload. Thanks!

    • We use Premiere CC and create a sequence from DSLR 1080P 30FPS but change the frame size to 640×640. Once we’ve cut that up we export an h.264 mp4 at about 15mbit

  • Pete Constable

    I record in a high frame rate but can’t get slo mo in playback. Is it a function of post to get the slo mo ?

  • Jocke

    Can you shoot the milky way with a Gopro? How?
    I’ve just bought and hero3+ BE

  • Austin P Hitchcock

    Hi Abe

    Do you have any advice on how to avoid, limit or fix in post, noise/grain in GoPro Hero 3+ footage?

    Also, do you have a workflow for Premiere Pro that helps keep the finale file size down?

    Great stuff!


  • Will Webber Jr

    Hello Abe, Back in part 1 you discuss your favorite modes, any negatives for 2.7k Medium as apposed to Wide?

  • Dean Dgama

    Hey Abe, i have a go pro 3 black edition and a battery bac pac, i wanna use it for scuba diving, 1 hour each dive and 2 dives a day, What video setting should i use to get great quality videos and not run out of battery for 2 dives. would i be needing any colour correction later if i shoot underwater at 18 m depth

  • brad

    Hi Abe, I got my GoPro black+ to capture close up bird photos. I have been filming in 1440/48 then export a still image when editing. I am getting some good action shots but a bit blurry. I played with burst mode and photos are still blurry. Any advice

  • Gavin

    How can I see what I’m recording with the gopro, I tryed using the gopro app for smartphones, but there is a delay… Is there anything I can do ?

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  • Fearghus

    Hi Abe, great article. Just wondering if you know what the sensor size (Hero 3+ Black) in width and height (mm) is? From what I’ve gathered so far in other posts it seems to be 5.8mm (height) and 4.5mm (width) but I’m not sure this seems right. Also the focal length on a Hero 3+ Black, is it 2.8mm? See screenshot where I’m supposed to enter the details. Thank you 🙂

  • Lloyd Metcalfe

    This Blog is great thanks Abe. I do have a question. I had an issue recently. I bought a dji drone with the gimbal for the Gopro. I use the the GP3+ black and Gopro app for apple and i wanted to test out live view while filming. Everytime i want to record the app says that there is no preview allowed. I’ve tried different modes and have no idea why it wont let me preview while filming. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Nick Mello

    Gopro 4 bLACK is amazing! Smatree gopro accessories give you more fun!http://www.smatree.com/

  • Nomad 51

    Hi Abe, I’ve noticed that if I have a 32 Gig memory card in my Hero Silver it will give me 2hours 10 minutes of record time at 1080 50fps but when I turn on the Wifi remote the record memory time drops to 1hour 28 minutes.
    I can’t see what Wifi has to do with memory time, any thoughts?

    • Renaud Savignard

      Because of battery life maybe ?

  • Hagar

    when I use the gopro the beep sound is not working it stopped but the audio video is ok. Can I know how to fix it?

  • Mark Pearson

    I love in the uk and just bought a hero silver and had it set in ntsc.when I tried playing it back on a TV it would play for a few minutes and then freeze but the audio would still play. …I’ve now changed to pal but now the go pro does not show on the TV at all…?
    Any suggestions would be gratefully received

  • Diogo Gomes

    Hey Abe! I’m having some problems with grainy footage… Even though I have low ISO the film always has grain in it and idk what else to do to fix it!

  • helpnesss

    You may use idealshare to
    download edit video.

  • pauloneves

    I also like verical photos,just note that gopro studio does not turn photos 90 degrees, just flip them. You will have to use other programs.

  • Liam Wood

    Hey Abe, I take videos of some sport and stuff like that, and when I post it to social media by my phone or computer the quality is fuzzy and bad. But when I view it on the VLC media player and GoPro app it is clear and good. Why does this happen and can I fix it?

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  • Edgaras Pavardė

    Somebody knows why my go pro back 4 camera 8mp not 12 ???

    • Edgaras Pavardė

      Conntect with the hero4black APP not gopro APP

      Camera:8.0 MP

      Display Type:without touch screen Aspect Ratio:16:9