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Ford Fiesta Movement Round Up

In 2013 I participated in a social advertising campaign called The Fiesta Movement put on by the Ford Motor Company. I submitted an audition video to be considered to be 1 of 100 agents that would be selected to drive a pre-release 2014 Ford Fiesta for 6-8 months. Of those 100 agents, 20 would be […]

Fiesta Movement: Social Activism

Subject: Fiesta Movement Mission #5 – Social Activism with the USC Ski & Snowboard Team Filmers: Abe Kislevitz Location: Mammoth, CA November’s theme was #Social Activism so the USC Ski & Snowboard team and I hit up the local Mammoth thrift shop with some donations! Every year there’s a bunch of stuff left over from […]

USC Ski & Snowboard – Road Trip

Subject: USC Ski & Snowboard – Opening Weekend 2013 (Road Trip) Filmers: Abe Kislevitz, Levi Rodriguez, Robson Morgan Location: Mammoth, CA & Yosemite, CA I can’t believe it’s already ski season, which means I make the trek from San Francisco all the way to Mammoth for opening weekend. I only have my Ford Fiesta ST […]

Fiesta Movement: Light Painting

Subject: Fiesta Movement Mission #4 – Light Painting (How To) Filmers: Abe Kislevitz, Tyler Johnson Location: San Mateo, CA This month’s theme is #Style and the mission I chose to embark on said to “Light Paint around your Fiesta.”  I decided to light paint with my Fiesta instead! Ever since I saw Tron I’ve wanted […]

Fiesta Movement: Summer Adventures

Subject: Fiesta Movement Mission #3 – Summer Adventures Filmers: Abe Kislevitz Location: Whistler, BC, Sonoma, CA, Stockton, CA This is my 3rd video in conjunction with the Fiesta Movement.  Each month is a different theme and they provide specific “missions” we can choose related to that theme.  This month’s theme was #Adventure, and my mission […]