Ford Fiesta Movement Round Up


In 2013 I participated in a social advertising campaign called The Fiesta Movement put on by the Ford Motor Company. I submitted an audition video to be considered to be 1 of 100 agents that would be selected to drive a pre-release 2014 Ford Fiesta for 6-8 months. Of those 100 agents, 20 would be selected to drive the sporty, higher valued Fiesta ST. Luckily I was not only selected to be a Fiesta Movement ‘Agent’, but I was also offered the Fiesta ST, which hosts a 6 speed manual, 1.6 liter turbo with 197 HP. It’s a tiny car so that much power packed into the car really makes it zip. For the ST model they were looking for car enthusiasts or someone with a lifestyle that could make the ST model shine.

The Fiesta Movement Details

As part of the program I was given the Fiesta ST for 6 months to drive as much as I wanted. Insurance and gas were covered for the duration of the program. In addition, our expenses to carry out video projects were covered by Ford. My obligations were straight forward – One video uploaded to my YouTube channel per month based around a ‘Mission’ prompt and a monthly theme. Also, I had to post at least once a week to social media using the hashtag #FiestaMovement.


My Social Impact – 33,000 Photo Interactions

Being authentic in my social media is very important to me. I get a lot of requests from companies to partner; however, I have a personal obligation to keep my social media authentic, and only post about things that enable me to carry out my passions and inspire others. For this program, posting to my social media was easy because I genuinely loved driving the car, and thought it had a rad look. It was a perfect example of a commercial partnership that enabled other adventures in my life, so I was happy to promote it. Over the course of 6 months I posted a total of 20 photos to my Instagram account that featured the car directly or called out a mission based around the campaign. Those 20 photos received a total of 29,005 interactions on Instagram (likes & comments). I posted similar content to my Facebook & Twitter (which have a smaller and more friend-based audience) and received a total of 4,025 interactions (likes & comments) on FaceBook with 200 of those interactions being actual comments.


YouTube Videos – 415,000 Views

The YouTube video creation is a whole different ballgame. I knew I could create authentic content that matched my existing style of GoPro videos on my YouTube channel. Also, capturing content was always very easy as I use GoPro to document everything in my life anyway. Creating edited video content using licensed music every month during a full time job proved to be a challenge. It was a good challenge, however, as it pushed me to create more content on my channel – which I appreciate. I was able to create 8 videos over the 6 months with views totaling 413,419 (as of the publish date of this post).

Ford Fiesta 2014 National TV Commercial

Ford created a national TV commercial utilizing footage from people that participated in the Fiesta Movement. About 1/3 of the commercial consisted of content I created. See the TV commercial here. The following shots are all from my content –


Ford Fiesta Digital Ad

Ford asked me to create a digital ad asset highlighting the ‘Ambient Lighting’ technology inside the car. I came up with the concept and created the digital spot, including graphics.

Fiesta Movement Round Up

At the end of the 6 months I had to return the car in LA. There was a final banquet party with all the other Fiesta Movement Agents.  It was one of the most fun gatherings I’ve attended. The amount of talent that was in the room at the time was something you don’t see every day. It was great to get to know the other agents and converse with YouTube stars, bloggers, and social media gurus. I ended up winning awards for ‘Best Graphics’ & ‘Best Video Overall’. The agency that worked with Ford to put the program on was awesome, and everything throughout the Fiesta Movement was very smooth going. In addition to social posts and videos I came away with a bunch of rad photo assets and did a couple of blog posts along the way to accompany the videos I created. My blog posts related to the Fiesta Movement totaled 16,000 reads and over 100 comments.

See some of the photo assets I created throughout the project below:


USC Ski & Snowboard – Road Trip

Fiesta Movement: Light Painting

Fiesta Movement: Summer Adventures