Fiesta Movement: Social Activism

Subject: Fiesta Movement Mission #5 - Social Activism with the USC Ski & Snowboard Team
Filmers: Abe Kislevitz
Location: Mammoth, CA

November’s theme was #Social Activism so the USC Ski & Snowboard team and I hit up the local Mammoth thrift shop with some donations! Every year there’s a bunch of stuff left over from students getting new gear so we’ll gather it up the next year and donate it if it never gets claimed!

This video is pretty basic but I did use one of GoPro’s new mounts pretty extensively when filming! It’s called the Jaws Flex Clamp! It came in really handy when I wanted to get quick shots here and there.


On the technical side, the video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the titles in After Effects CC. Color was done in Davinci Resolve!

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