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Oakley Radar Pace

In October I was invited out to beautiful Kona, Hawaii during the Iron Man World Championships with Oakley. I arrived on the scene knowing little about what I was getting into, but as I experienced earlier this year with their Prizm Performance Lab in Mammoth, Oakley never fails to deliver on a good experience. The […]

Oakley Prizm Performance Lab

Back in June I had the privilege of joining Oakley and a host of other athletes, writers, and influencers at Mammoth Mountain for the Oakley Prizm Performance Lab. It was a packed 3 days of outdoor activities, learning, and content creation.  The basis of the Prizm Lab was to test Oakley’s Prizm sunglasses technology in […]

GoPro Instagram Q+A

On October 22nd, 2015 Chris Farro & I took over the GoPro Instagram page to let people ask us questions about GoPro Awards, USC, and our experience with GoPro! I’ve archived all of the questions we were able to answer during that hour below. There were a total of 2,665 comments so we didn’t quite […]

Winter X Games Aspen 2013

This is my 3rd year at the Winter X Games and finally, by the power of sponsorship dollars and manpower, we were a well oiled content producing machine. If you couldn’t tell by the TV coverage, GoPro had a huge presence this year.  We had about the same amount of media crew this year as […]