Mr. Porter – A Saturday With: Abe Kislevitz

Subject: Mr. Porter - A Saturday With: Mr Abe Kislevitz
Filmers: Antony Crook, Abe Kislevitz
Location: San Francisco & Mammoth, CA

In early December I worked with the online clothing retailer Mr. Porter to participate in their series “A Saturday With:”. I found it to be a rad opportunity to work with some talented people in a different capacity than usual! Antony Crook was the director and DP on the shoot. We also worked with Jessica Armstrong as our producer.

For the shoot they asked what we could film in a day that would be my usual Saturday routine. I thought a trip to Mammoth would be appropriate and rad! We did the shoot in 2 days and got super lucky with the conditions. For the feel of the piece Antony wanted us to be leaving rainy San Francisco at sunrise, transition into snow in the mountains, and have a sunny day in Mammoth. We planned the weekend a few months ahead of time but managed to hit a perfect sunny powder day in Mammoth after a storm. Christine Donaldson and Brad Fol came along while Antony and his team followed, filming bits and pieces along the way.


For the skiing portion of it we filmed it all on GoPro, while the rest of the scenes were filmed by Antony on a Canon 1DC. I also did a bit of drone filming along the way, including during an epic sunset at Mono Lake! The editing and post production were all done by Keith Mottram.

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