HERO6 240FPS with Tom Wallisch in Mammoth

Early Summer 2017 I rolled out to Mammoth to test out the first HERO6 prototype I received. If I’m ever going to put a camera through its paces, skiing is where I can really see what works and what needs improvement. I was also told our marketing department needed a couple good shots to show off the new slow-motion in the HERO6 to use on in-store displays. I met up with GoPro athlete and good friend Tom Wallisch for a few days of classic Mammoth Main Park shred.

This took place in mid to late June so snow conditions weren’t the greatest, and as soon as we arrived Mammoth decided to reset all of their big jumps (meaning they bulldozed them all), leaving us with the pipe and a couple small jumps for a few days. Luckily the 1080-240 is so slow, we were able to accomplish what we needed on the small jumps. I used a combination of HERO6, Karma Grip, and the El Grande extension pole to do pretty much all of the shots. Most of the video was shot on 1080-240 and 2.7K-120. I was really happy with the quality of the 2.7K-120 after testing it out for the first time. 1080-240 definitely is a bit softer, but the novelty of 240 is worth it a lot of the time to me.

To get the one rodeo 5 perfect point shot it probably took us about 8 tries to really get one we were satisfied with. On a jump that small you pretty much both have to be in the perfect spot the whole way through, there was no time to be even slightly off. Either way, I think Tom nailed it! We even made it into GoPro’s new winter TV commercial! I guess a little bit of trial and error pays off 🙂

Thanks for checking this out, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask below!


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