Subaru WRX 2002

Subaru 2002 WRX Impreza Hatchback – 5 Speed Manual – Clean Title

$2,500 – Located in San Diego, CA (North County)

Looking to get rid of this car ASAP (as in this weekend). Priced to sell, willing to negotiate. Over the weekend the rear window was broken into with a rock. Please see photos below.

I bought this car in 2010 with 100K miles on it from a dealership. It has been the most reliable car I’ve ever owned. This was my primary car for getting to Mammoth Mountain, so most of the miles on it are freeway miles from long drives. Over the 9 years of owning it, I’ve only had to do the following: changed the radiator once, tires twice, gave it new alignment twice, brakes a few times, and carried out synthetic oil changes every 5K miles. I have records of everything. Internally the car works great. I do not want to sugarcoat it though – I have been traveling for 6 months so the car has been sitting unused. It would benefit from a full fluid refresh. The outside of the car is not in the best condition. The gloss is sunbaked on a lot of the car and has come off, there are quite a number of scratches and small cosmetic dents in the body panels. I’ve taken close shots of everything below. The worst visually is the front right headlight dent – which coincidentally was from my old roommate bumping into it in our driveway with this car – I told him to not worry about it so I left it as is. It’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the performance of the vehicle (I had alignment checked). The front lower bumper area is pretty crunched up from hitting a curb, and from there the paint has been chipped away from the sun.

Prior to owning the car, the dealer changed the timing belt, the clutch, and a few other things. The first owner put aftermarket (stiffer) suspension, lowered it, and put on new wheels. There’s a few aftermarket things inside as well, such as steering wheel and shift nob.


  • All Wheel Drive – Incredible car for the snow – took this to Mammoth Mountain many times.
  • 227 HP 5 speed manual makes driving super fun – this car is fast and has a lot of power
  • Never had issues with the engine
  • Tires are relatively new – all season for great snow driving
  • Battery is new
  • Priced to sell so you get a very capable car for cheap


  • Gloss coat is coming off on many parts of the car
  • Small surface scratches and dents are present
  • Front right headlight zone has a large dent from old roommate backing into it
  • Front lower bumper is cracked and paint is coming off
  • Front left fog-light is cracked
  • A/C does not work – needs new condenser (~$100). It is not the compressor or the main lines leaking because I’ve refilled twice and had everything checked on that side. I’ve always lived near the beach so I haven’t ever needed AC quite frankly.
  • I’ve paid for the registration through Jan 2019; however, they will not issue the new tags until I show that I have insurance on the car, which I’ve canceled – so it needs registration.
  • (New) – rear window needs replacing
  • (New) – Small dents in side door from someone trying to break into the car

Over the weekend someone broke into the back window to steal a single skateboard of all things. Frankly, I don’t want to deal with it, so I’m going to pass on those savings to you. Looks like they tried to break into the side back window first, so there’s 2 small dents in the door panel, and a few marks on the window. On the back window, I’ve stripped most of the glass out of it to confirm the glass is the only thing that was damaged in the back. I’ve covered it temporarily with a good weather sealed plastic cover.

Help me find a new home for this car! It’s been loved and provided fun for many years.