My Christmas List


It’s Christmas time, so here’s a list of what’s under my tree this year. If you need to get a last minute gift, or find yourself on Christmas needing a few more things for yourself, this list should help you out! This post is also a thank you to the brands that supported me this year to continue my creative endeavors – I am forever grateful! Let’s get to it.

GoPro HERO5 Black

This is a no-brainer gift item this season. At $399, it’s now 100 bucks cheaper than its predecessor. It finally features a screen on the back, is waterproof out without a housing, and has a host of other features. Things you can do with this that you can’t do with an old GoPro:  Auto image stabilization works incredibly well for mounted cameras, and pole mounted shots looking back at you. You can use the GPS to now populate your videos with speedometer overlays, maps, g-forces, etc.  It’s super cool to know how fast you’re traveling down the hill! Voice control is super handy and I use it all day while skiing with the the Remo (a wireless remote/voice control thingy sold separately). The RAW photo capture is a game changer for me.  Oh, and battery life is so much better. I went skiing this past weekend in -22C highs and never changed a battery all day long – truth. OK go get it.  Also, the HERO5 Session is now my 2nd favorite camera and I carry it with me all the time. I use it for most of my POV mounted shots, the quality is amazing.

GoPro Apparel

For those GoPro fans out there, it looks like you can now purchase apparel that was previously only reserved for athletes and the occasional employee. If you have GoPro Plus you’ll get 20% off as well.  Not much else to be said other than having GoPro schwag is sweet, and finally available! Pick it up here

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley knows how to make sweet sunglasses that are great quality. The Oakley Latch is my current favorite sunglasses style with the Daily Prizm lens. Learn about the Prizm lens tech in my blog post – looking through them is seriously amazing. All my friends immediately wanted these glasses when I let them try them out, so that must mean something. Not to mention they look pretty slick too. Pick them up from Oakley.

Western Digital Hard Drives

I’ve been super impressed with the offerings from Western Digital over the past couple years. They make tiny drives with a ton of capacity. I got a My Passport Pro (Thunderbolt) 3 years ago, and it’s gone with me on every trip for on-the-go fast editing capabilities.  This little drive pictured here is 3TB! Check out what they have this holiday season and find something that suits your needs – you won’t be bummed! See the WD Drives here.

Discrete Clothing

Discrete has you covered if you’re in need of a sweet beanie or hat. They’ve got pretty much every style you could want, and it’s all super high quality. Julian Carr (pro-skier) has been at it for years with this home-built company, but in the last year it’s blown up with a store front in SLC and distribution in Zumies! Chances are if you see someone in the ski industry that knows what’s up, they’ll be rocking a Discrete beanie. Here’s the site.

PolarPro GoPro Filters

I’ve been experimenting with ND filters and other things that might enhance the look of a GoPro. Currently PolarPro is the only company (that I know of) making filters for the HERO5.  This set is super cool and comes with me everywhere.  The included ND8 is great for creating cinematic motion blur in video, as well as sweet blur on photos. Just set the ISO limit down in both to force the camera to elongate the shutter times. It snaps onto the front of your HERO5.  Get it here.

Nomad Chargers

These are seriously some of my favorite little gadgets. They make charging cables built into a couple different not-so-normal items/shapes. This carabiner has an iPhone charge cable hidden inside of it. You just pop out each end and it reveals a cable. I have one for an iPhone, and a GoPro/DSLR – they’re super handy to just clip on the outside of a backpack and never worry if you forgot your iPhone cable – plus who likes always throwing a bundle of cables into your backpack wherever you go? The other one I love is a little flexible keychain size iPhone cable. Don’t be the person that forgets your iPhone charger on a trip and has to go buy one on every trip. Buy ’em here – there’s some great holiday deals going on right now too.

Arcade Belts

Arcade is a small (but awesome) company based out of Lake Tahoe. Skier Cody Townsend is the mastermind behind the brand.  They make stretchy (and some not stretchy) belts for skiing/everyday use. They’re stylish and rad, and last forever. They also sell suspenders, which are just plain cool. Go find a style you like.

Epic Bars & Jerky

If you’re going on an adventure, Epic is a good food companion to have.  They are famous for their “meat bars” which always sounds a little funky, but are actually super good. Sriracha chicken is my favorite flavor 🙂 . Anyway, they also make a bunch of other stuff, like Chicken, Salmon and Bison jerky.  They also have some great jerky and nut combo packages. Either way, the company is awesome and they support our adventure industry.  Find some at your local Whole Foods or online.

Thanks for checking out my list of goodies! I’m not paid to endorse any of these brands; however, they have all supported me this past year with products that I use in my daily life! I don’t waste my time endorsing brands that don’t help me continue to pursue my passions, so you’re seeing the list of the stuff I believe in! Happy holidays! If anyone has any of these items or gets any, post a photo below in the comments!


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