GoPro Winter 2012 Commercial Campaign

Subject: Tom Wallisch
Filmers: Tom Wallisch, Abe Kislevitz, Caleb Farro
Location: Mt. Cook, New Zealand
Music: Kraddy - "Steppin' Razor"

For our holiday season at GoPro we’ve launched 3 new National TV commercials.  GoPro is going big this holiday season with ad buys and is playing TV commercials internationally for the first time.  This cut has a 15 second version that is playing around the web as video pre-rolls (ads before other videos), as well as the 30 second version in movie theaters, public space video spots, and in Times Square at the Nasdaq building until Christmas! Keep your eyes out!

This Wallisch piece was filmed back in August while we were shooting for the HERO3 launch video in New Zealand.  This was filmed during our last day up in the mountains.  Caleb, Tom, Eric Willett and I set out to film a segment of just freestyle stuff.  Our goal was to find a rad natural feature the boys could really shine on.  The hit in this video was one we came across early in the morning.  Tom and Eric both got about 4 hits on the jump before the landing was too dark with shade from the adjacent mountains.  We ended up moving to a new spot after lunch and building up a bit of a bigger kicker, but this one proved to show the speed and airtime better.  Also Tom was doing his signature Cork 720 tail which he stomped just about every time.  Our CEO Nick Woodman loves Tom’s POV shots of corks – The double from the HERO2 video was one of his favorites, which we also featured in the Tom Wallisch Fall 2012 commercial.

I was responsible for cutting this commercial together and finding the music. The vibe of this commercial is basically to slow it down and show the story of one big trick in the backcountry from the drop in to the celebration. It’s an easy straight forward cut that looks great on TV.  Kraddy used to be part of Glitch Mob, and I’ve been a fan of their music for a while.  I used one of their songs in an old USC/Mammoth edit with Finn Anderson.