GoPro: Golf


Directing, Filming


Golf is something I’ve never filmed and don’t really play, ever. I was assigned to this project to create a few video reels that could be used at our first golf tradeshow. I worked with our resident custom mount creator, Travis Pynn. Together we went out to the local Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton golf course and had a test day before we had our athletes. For the actual shoot we went to Del Mar, CA and worked with some local talent, Aj Sjostrom and Mike Glennie. We were able to bust out the whole shoot in one day. Part of the goal was rather than shoot to entertain, use the camera as a training device. We shot a lot of straight on side profiles, front profiles, and back profiles of teeing off.


Filming this was a little hectic since it was all in one day, but we came out with some rad content and all of the footage looked great. I had Travis Pynn fly an RC airplane out over the course and land on the green to simulate a golf ball. The rest of the content was just me running around with a plethora of cameras in my pocket to capture every little moment.


  • Directing
  • Filming


  • Apr 9, 2013