Beginner vs Pro | HERO9 vs HD HERO [AK Vlog #03]

I wanted to see what filming with the HD HERO was like 12 years after it originally came out, so I decided to challenge Zadia (who has never filmed or edited a video) to an edit competition! HERO9 vs. HD HERO – Beginner vs. Professional! We walk through our process of filming, choosing music, and our final thoughts before presenting our edits!

As I mention in the video, I was pretty impressed with what I was able to achieve with the original HD HERO. It’s pretty easy to spot the lack in detail when you’re looking at it in full-screen in 4K, but on mobile people just thought it looked cool and retro. Stabilization is the main difference between the two, but with post-stabilization options so good these days, it was hard to tell in that department. My video took WAY longer for the work in post compared to Zadia’s.

Overall it was a great matchup between Zadia never having filmed or edited a video before and getting great results with the HERO9 first try, against my 15 years of filming/editing experience to make it look good in post.

Music Playlist from this Video: