Fiesta Movement: Summer Adventures

Subject: Fiesta Movement Mission #3 - Summer Adventures
Filmers: Abe Kislevitz
Location: Whistler, BC, Sonoma, CA, Stockton, CA

This is my 3rd video in conjunction with the Fiesta Movement.  Each month is a different theme and they provide specific “missions” we can choose related to that theme.  This month’s theme was #Adventure, and my mission was actually to learn to Kiteboard; however I was away in South America for 3 weeks which prevented me from getting that one done.  I was just stoked that Ford was going to pick up the tab on some official kiting lessons!  I was able to swap my mission to one that was a little more vague and more in line with some of the things I had lined up for the coming weekends – a lot of different adventures.  This way I was able to utilize some of the Whistler footage we shot during Camp of Champions Film School week as well.

This video was shot mostly on the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition, with a few slow-motion shots from the Sony FS700.  Scott Edwards, who owns the island where we wakeboard, also owns the FS700.  He let me play with it all weekend, utilizing my Canon lenses and learning some features on the big-boy camera.  I have quite a bit of content that I hope to put together into another video, but we’ll see if time allows.

The FS700 can do 1080P at 240FPS for 8 seconds.  It has an end capture mode where you are always ‘recording’ and when you hit stop, it’ll save the previous 8 seconds.  It’s super handy for wakeboarding or getting any moment captured at high speed. I was impressed with the camera, but didn’t really dig deep into the nitty gritty settings.  It was fun being on something other than a GoPro though 🙂

When it came to editing, all of it was edited natively in Premiere CC, with effects in After Effects CC, color in Davinci Resolve, and a few minor tweaks in Photoshop – yes Photoshop! I’ve been playing around with a patch for Camera Raw v8.2 that enables a GoPro lens correction in Photoshop and Bridge.  For a few of the shots I was able to rid myself of the bubble distortion and go with a wider more DSLR look.  This was particularly helpful for one of the spinny car shots (more on this mount later) where the car was looking like a big jelly bean.  See the before (left) and after (right):


To implement this, just open your video in Photoshop, convert the layer to a smart object (right click > convert to Smart Object), then use Filter > Lens Correction.  GoPro should be in the list of manufacturers, and it’ll apply the lens correction to straighten out any curves in the lens.  It won’t work on all shots, but for some it really adds a nice effect! I used this throughout the video in certain instances, try to spot which ones have straight lines!

The spinny mount on the car was not my invention – it was devised by GoPro media employee Tyler Johnson.  He created it from a painter’s pole, 4 GoPro suction cups, and a lazy Susan wooden spinner.  It’s not the most solid device in the world, and it was pretty windy while I was filming this segment, but it got some insane shots! You can’t drive on a public road with it because it’ll stick out pretty far.  We had some open back roads at Sonoma Raceway the weekend of the GoPro Grand Prix.  You can see the setup here in this shot:


Fun fact – the first shot in the video is on a GoPro! It was shot in 2.7K ProTune with the color temp locked at 6500K.  This gave me a long video timelapse that didn’t fluctuate in white balance at all.  If you look closely, I’ve timelapsed the clouds, but left the water as is by masking off at the shoreline.  I applied a lens correction to the entire clip, but in After Effects rather than Photoshop this time (CC Lens).  I gave the clip the slightest amount of motion by keyframing the center of the lens correction filter so it looks as if the camera is physically rotating slowly to the right.  This is more dynamic of a move than just panning a lapse horizontally or vertically in post. I added some grain and cinema crop bars for some style.  See the side-by-side raw (left), graded & corrected (right) – oops shot it a bit crooked!


Hope you all enjoyed the video, I’ve got so many more in the works! I just have to find enough time to get to it all!  For my next Fiesta Movement Mission, well, we’ll see how this comes together!


  • Josse

    I like these behind the scenes. You must be very busy with GoPro right now, it’s that time of year.. 😉 But I really hope you’ll find time to finish that powder/catskiing edit!

  • John McStravick

    The opening timelapse was awesome. Great edit, great post. Nice work as usual.

  • Ferran Orriols

    I really appreciate this post. It’s nice to know these technical and useful tips!

  • I really appreciate this post. It’s nice to know these technical and useful tips! Waiting for next video

  • Ketil Billett

    Awesome Abe ! You need a really good computer to use Davinci resolve, so can you tell me your computer specs ? I have a macbook pro and its not even close to be able to run Davinci resolve.. would be awesome if you could tell me a bit about your computer !

  • Bruce Macalpine

    Never understood how you got those vibrant colors in your videos but i think you’ve explained it now 🙂

  • Nice tips! Love the roof mount!

  • Daniel G

    Thank you!! but how do you stabilize your footage?
    are you doing it in post or do you use special equipment?

  • Logan D

    Thanks Abe! Do you ever plan to do a Premiere Pro tutorial like you did for FCP? Keep up the good work!

  • PDP

    Keep the tutorials / behind the scenes coming Abe! You’re a huge influence / role model to many people and we love to see how you do what you do !

  • cb

    Any stabilization used on the clip at 1:52?

  • jov8

    Amazing stuff…Music?

  • Michi Leber

    Hey Abe! The Video’s a Masterpiece, Opening TimeLapse was sick, Loved it all the way through!!
    My name is Michi, I’m 16 years old and a Traceur, Freerunner, Skater, Surfer, Fitnessfreak, Producer, Photograph and Editor from Germany. I love extreme sports and traveling around the world!

    I’m currently in the 10th Grade of an High School in Germany, Mannheim – when I’ve turned 18 years I’m gonna receive my A-Level exam. I already talked to several GoPro Members, but they didn’t replied or just could help me out, so i though of asking my Questions right here – Hope you don’t mind!

    1) I was planning to travel to the US for several Month after High School and thought of an Internship at GoPro.
    First i got in touch with the GoPro Email Support – They told me to check the “Carrier” Section at Well.. there were no Internships listed at all.. 😀
    So I gave the GoPro HQ a Call and told them about my Ambitions – They told me that there are no available Internships at GoPro at the Moment – Do you know more about that? I can send in my CV and Resume when ever you guys want it – also uploaded my Projects to YouTube! I would love to work with the GoPro Editing Team! Currently I’m using Adobe After Effects and Premiere, Photoshop as well and I’m in Contact with Meli and Luu – You probably know both of them – The -GoPro HD HERO 3 – Park Edit- ! –> I’m trying to get as much critics from the as possible!

    2) I lived in the US for 1 Month – My Host Father (Great Guy) told me about “LinkedIn” – I’ve registered me and searched for GoPro Employes. I’ve even found you – is it okay for you if i send you an Request (to stay in Contact) – I wasn’t sure about it!

    3) I freakin’ love what you (and the Editing Team at GoPro) do! Its so sick that you stay so close to all the GoPro Users – Your Videos and your Blog Entries are sick and very inspiring to me! I’ve recently uploaded a new Video to my YouTube Channel – It’s about my Surf Trip to Spain – Unfortunately I used to GoPro 2 for the Surfing Footage – thats why the Quality looks kinda sad! Buuut i jst bought the GoPro HD Hero Black – So I’ll be fine for the upcoming time!
    I’m trying hard to get better at AE, PR, PS.. and so on! I would love if you could give me some Critics!

    Thanks for taking the Time to answer all of our questions!
    Sorry for the English by the way! Still working on that!

    Hope to talk – and probably to see – you soon 😉

    Michi. 🙂

    Michael Leber

    68259 Mannheim, Germany
    Inneneck 13

    + 49 621 7993576 [Home Number]
    + 49 151 23246657 [Mobile Phone]

  • Derek Postma

    Abe Kislevitz you are my hero that is all.

  • Marcus Sharpe

    Hi Abe, rad post.
    How much did you crop off the bottom? And what shots were filmed with the 5d mkiii.
    Just wanted to know as i am getting a 5d mkiii later on this year.

    Thanks Marcus
    p.s would really appreciate a daVinci tutorial.

  • Martin Hansen

    Great video, what’s your Davinci Resolve – Premiere Pro CC workflow?

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  • Matt

    Abe, truly inspirational video man! Looked like an epic summer! Can’t wait for Dark Arts!

  • Juliencv

    Abe !
    what video format and codec are you using exactly your videos?
    What would you advise in Premiere Pro CS6?

    Thanks a lot
    Ledermann Julien

  • Miguel Muniz

    Hi Abe!

    Did you know where to get a rotating helmet mount for the GoPro?


    Miguel Muniz

    • It’s hand made but I’ve seen a few retailers start to manufacture some variations.

  • guest

    how did you do the text in the beginning of the video? I’m very basic on these text so far.

    • With Adobe After Effects. If you’re curious, check out some tutorials online for AE.

      • guest

        Could you post a link here? That would be great. I’m trying to use these texts for a film festival.

  • gia

    whats the gopro downhill helmet mount?? really want to know