Fiesta Movement: Light Painting

Subject: Fiesta Movement Mission #4 - Light Painting (How To)
Filmers: Abe Kislevitz, Tyler Johnson
Location: San Mateo, CA

This month’s theme is #Style and the mission I chose to embark on said to “Light Paint around your Fiesta.”  I decided to light paint with my Fiesta instead! Ever since I saw Tron I’ve wanted to shoot some long exposure photos with some really cool lights to create the same sort of light bike visual feel.  This was the perfect opportunity.  I ordered up this set of LEDs, got a power inverter for my car and went to town.  You want your lights to be near the back of your car so it doesn’t cover up the whole side of the car while you drive.  It was definitely tricky to figure out how and where to orient the camera in relation to the car to get the best results.  It took a lot of experimentation and I even came back for a second round of shooting after looking closely at my first results.   My next attempt will be with a motorcycle!  Long exposure shooting can be really fun, I recommend everyone get out there and try it if you can!  Turn on the iPhone flashlight and scribble some words in the sky!

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon 16-35 2.8
Remote: Vello Shutterboss

The actual video was filmed entirely with the GoPro HERO3+

Check out the following photos, right click and select ‘save link as’ if you’d like to download a high resolution, or download a .zip of all of them!

APERTURE: F/13.0 EXPOSURE: 30 sec ISO: 100


APERTURE: F/16.0 EXPOSURE: 120 sec ISO: 100


APERTURE: F/16.0 EXPOSURE: 90 sec ISO: 100


APERTURE: F/16.0 EXPOSURE: 120 sec ISO: 100


APERTURE: F/20.0 EXPOSURE: 45 sec ISO: 200


APERTURE: F/20.0 EXPOSURE: 90 sec ISO: 200


Here’s one more from a few weeks ago using my iPhone light!

APERTURE: F/3.2 EXPOSURE: 30 sec ISO: 1600


  • Chris Prado

    In the first of the attached shots were the LEDs flashing on blue to get them to be choppy and separated in segments? Whenever I shoot long exposure of cars (with regular head and tail lights) they are just smooth lines off the car. Was there a special trick done in the shooting, driving or editing?

    • The first shot was where I was driving really fast. The LEDs have a frequency of on-off-on-off that can be seen if you go quickly.

    • Joe

      It’s specific to that type of LED strip… when it’s in color-fade mode it does that. In general the flashing is faster than you can pick up with your eyes (though sometimes if you do it in a dark room you might notice that moving things look kind of choppy, like waving your hand in front of a computer monitor back in the day)

  • Matt Berkowitz

    Killer work as usual Abe!

  • Jake

    Thanks for a tutorial Abe!
    For the last Fiesta light painting, is this a composite image? How did you get the people to be completely still despite the lengthy exposure? Thanks!

    • They stand really still! It’s only 30 seconds so I just made sure they were static.

  • Marcus Sharpe

    Abe, Sweet Pictures + Videos.
    The songs you find on 5alarm, what library do you usually look in? I have trouble finding good music to fit my videos.

    Thanks for the post

  • Anthony Swiecicki

    Hey sick video man thats really clever how you went about doing this!

  • Sasha Juliard

    Awesome tutorial Abe! I was wondering how you set your camera when I saw that pic on Instagram. Good shots definitely take days to plan and set up and you nailed it.

  • Looks awesome!

  • A(nDroid)Sebrell

    How’d you do your intro, super cool. And were you careful about not blasting your camera with the Fiesta’s headlights or is it no big deal?

  • Russell Hanson

    I want to go into that building so badly…

  • Adrien Huvey

    Hi! Will you do a video with a lot of tips about how to film with a Gopro? thanks

  • Tom Lorente

    how did you make the las photo so it has so many light, as if it was at daily time?

    • A(nDroid)Sebrell

      ISO is at 1600, aperture is pretty wide open at f/3.2 for 30 seconds and it looks some light painting was done with the LED which will all make the photo look like ‘Daily Time’.

  • slin

    i have finished editing a video on gopro studio and want to put it on my samsung galaxy s4. how can i export it so it will play on my phone?

  • Riley Hughes

    where did you buy those LED lights?

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